Intel patents granted on 28 August 2007

40 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,263,720 Method and mechanism for validating legitimate software calls into secure software
2 7,263,712 Enabling a PC-DTV receiver to share the resource cache with multiple clients
3 7,263,711 Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
4 7,263,692 System and method for software-pipelining of loops with sparse matrix routines
5 7,263,685 Synchronizing use of a device by multiple software components in accordance with information stored at the device
6 7,263,651 Method and apparatus for varying lengths of low density party check codewords
7 7,263,646 Method and apparatus for skew compensation
8 7,263,639 Combinatorial at-speed scan testing
9 7,263,605 Decoupled hardware configuration manager that generates a user interface prior to booting using hardware configuration option data read from plurality of hardware devices
10 7,263,579 Integrated circuit capable of pre-fetching data
11 7,263,571 Bus segment decoder
12 7,263,568 Interrupt system using event data structures
13 7,263,567 Method and apparatus for lowering the die temperature of a microprocessor and maintaining the temperature below the die burn out
14 7,263,557 Method and apparatus to detect configuration information for a digital subscriber line device
15 7,263,552 Method and apparatus for discovering network topology
16 7,263,544 Performance optimized approach for efficient numerical computations
17 7,263,368 Anticipation of communication connectivity changes for mobile devices
18 7,263,331 Method and apparatus for sharing a bluetooth module with two computing devices
19 7,263,233 Apparatus and method for data compressibility test
20 7,263,231 Method and apparatus for performing video image decoding
21 7,263,147 Low bit error rate antenna switch for wireless communications
22 7,263,127 Method and apparatus for simplifying frame-based motion estimation
23 7,263,124 Scalable coding scheme for low latency applications
24 7,263,105 WLAN device and method for interfacing between a MAC sublayer and a physical layer
25 7,262,991 Nanotube- and nanocrystal-based non-volatile memory
26 7,262,967 Systems for low cost coaxial liquid cooling
27 7,262,722 Hardware-based CABAC decoder with parallel binary arithmetic decoding
28 7,262,715 Bit stuffing method and apparatus for fax and other data communication
29 7,262,706 Detection of connection and disconnection of computer peripheral
30 7,262,674 Bandpass filter having first and second serially coupled collection of filter components for providing upper and lower rejection notches
31 7,262,632 Signal measurement systems and methods
32 7,262,513 Apparatus and method extending flip-chip pad structures for wirebonding on low-k dielectric silicon
33 7,262,509 Microelectronic assembly having a perimeter around a MEMS device
34 7,262,504 Multiple stage electroless deposition of a metal layer
35 7,262,492 Semiconducting device that includes wirebonds
36 7,262,140 Method of smoothing waveguide structures
37 7,262,107 Capacitor structure for a logic process
38 7,262,077 Capillary underfill and mold encapsulation method and apparatus
39 7,262,070 Method to make a weight compensating/tuning layer on a substrate
40 7,261,572 Self-balanced land grid array socket