Intel patents granted on 28 August 2012

31 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,255,975 Method and apparatus for a community-based trust
2 8,255,891 Computer-implemented method and system for improved data flow analysis and optimization
3 8,255,886 Methods and apparatus for analyzing SIMD code
4 8,255,882 Selecting formats for multi-format instructions in binary translation of code from a hybrid source instruction set architecture to a unitary target instruction set architecture
5 8,255,753 Encoding/decoding technique for rebroadcasting lost packets
6 8,255,721 Seamless frequency sequestering
7 8,255,713 Management of link states using plateform and device latencies
8 8,255,690 Apparatus and method for group session key and establishment using a certified migration key
9 8,255,677 Initializing femtocells
10 8,255,636 Two-hop source snoop based messaging protocol
11 8,255,612 Method, apparatus and system for reverting FAT cluster number to file ID and offset of non-FAT flash file system
12 8,255,605 Scalable distributed memory and I/O multiprocessor system
13 8,255,594 Handling legacy BIOS services for mass storage devices using systems management interrupts with or without waiting for data transferred to mass storage devices
14 8,255,492 Dynamic content play control
15 8,254,995 Method and device for communicating data
16 8,254,957 Context-based limitation of mobile device operation
17 8,254,906 Mobile radio communication system
18 8,254,860 Transceiver arrangement and method for processing a signal
19 8,254,766 Method and apparatus for media playback
20 8,254,716 Method for adaptive image enhancement
21 8,254,581 Lightweight key distribution and management method for sensor networks
22 8,254,493 High bandwidth modulation and transmission
23 8,254,486 Unified closed loop SU/MU-MIMO signaling and codebook design
24 8,254,397 Interconnecting network processors with heterogeneous fabrics
25 8,254,359 Recursive reduction of channel state feedback
26 8,254,354 Method and apparatus to enable multiple receivers
27 8,254,343 Multi-radio platform and method for mitigating interference between co-located radios
28 8,253,751 Memory controller interface for micro-tiled memory access
29 8,253,440 Methods and systems to calibrate push-pull drivers
30 8,252,680 Methods and architectures for bottomless interconnect vias
31 8,252,677 Method of forming solder bumps on substrates