Intel patents granted on 28 July 2009

27 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,568,141 Method and apparatus for testing embedded cores
2 7,568,127 Signal drive de-emphasis control for serial bus
3 7,568,118 Deterministic operation of an input/output interface
4 7,568,115 Power delivery and power management of many-core processors
5 7,568,058 Rate matching apparatus, systems, and methods
6 7,568,057 Method and apparatus for maintaining synchronization of audio in a computing system
7 7,568,021 Hybrid mode network stack under EFI/Tiano based BIOS in modular computing environment
8 7,567,963 Thread synchronization with lock inflation methods and apparatus for managed run-time environments
9 7,567,874 System and method for detecting furniture cruising frequency to monitor gait decline
10 7,567,785 Methods and apparatus for a paging mechanism within wireless networks including multiple access points
11 7,567,670 Verification information for digital video signal
12 7,567,612 SDMA communications with non-immediate block acknowledgment
13 7,567,566 Method and apparatus to perform aging
14 7,567,559 Device, system and method for data transfer optimization
15 7,567,557 Method, system and apparatus for multifabric pragmatically truncated progress execution
16 7,567,517 Performing channel analysis over a link
17 7,567,471 High speed fanned out system architecture and input/output circuits for non-volatile memory
18 7,567,379 Technique to prevent tin contamination of mirrors and electrodes in an EUV lithography system
19 7,567,294 Gradient adaptive video de-interlacing
20 7,567,129 Monolithic flexible power amplifier using integrated tunable matching networks
21 7,567,072 Real-time monitoring of particles in semiconductor vacuum environment
22 7,566,915 Guard ring extension to prevent reliability failures
23 7,566,898 Buffer architecture formed on a semiconductor wafer
24 7,566,646 Three dimensional programmable device and method for fabricating the same
25 7,566,630 Buried silicon dioxide / silicon nitride bi-layer insulators and methods of fabricating the same
26 7,566,605 Epitaxial silicon germanium for reduced contact resistance in field-effect transistors
27 7,566,228 Skived electrical contact for connecting an IC device to a circuit board and method of making a contact by skiving