Intel patents granted on 28 June 2011

27 US patents granted on 28 June 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,971,203 Method, apparatus and system for dynamically reassigning a physical device from one virtual machine to another
2 7,971,190 Machine learning performance analysis tool
3 7,971,084 Power management in electronic systems
4 7,971,081 System and method for fast platform hibernate and resume
5 7,971,074 Method, system, and apparatus for a core activity detector to facilitate dynamic power management in a distributed system
6 7,971,057 Exclusive access for secure audio program
7 7,971,048 System and method for establishing a trust domain on a computer platform
8 7,970,989 Write ordering on disk cached platforms
9 7,970,961 Method and apparatus for distributed direct memory access for systems on chip
10 7,970,953 Serial ATA port addressing
11 7,970,940 Domain name system lookup latency reduction
12 7,970,573 Techniques for determining orientation of a three-axis accelerometer
13 7,970,509 Component identification system and method thereof
14 7,970,287 Multi-level optical data communication circuit
15 7,970,215 Automatic generation of compact code tables
16 7,970,068 Mobile channel estimation for DBV-T COFDM demodulator
17 7,969,934 System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords
18 7,969,873 Data transmission scheme with scheduling optimization for physical channel group
19 7,969,437 Method and apparatus for triangle representation
20 7,969,117 Method and device for charging peripherals
21 7,968,976 Guard ring extension to prevent reliability failures
22 7,968,957 Transistor gate electrode having conductor material layer
23 7,968,952 Stressed barrier plug slot contact structure for transistor performance enhancement
24 7,968,457 Sandwiched metal structure silicidation for enhanced contact
25 7,968,395 Systems and methods for reducing contact to gate shorts
26 7,968,392 Tri-gate integration with embedded floating body memory cell using a high-K dual metal gate
27 7,967,942 Polymer matrices for polymer solder hybrid materials