Intel patents granted on 28 June 2016

55 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 RE46,046 Non-contact power charging system and control method thereof
2 9,380,641 Mobile station and method for processing signals of the GSM and TD-SCDMA radio standards
3 9,380,634 Apparatus, system and method of tearing down a protocol adaptation layer (PAL) session
4 9,380,629 Message generating arrangement
5 9,380,625 Communication terminal device, communication device, communication network server and method for controlling
6 9,380,494 Systems, methods and devices for traffic offloading
7 9,380,492 Methods, systems and apparatuses to enable short frames
8 9,380,471 Method, apparatus and system of determining a time of arrival of a wireless communication signal
9 9,380,470 Determining a receiving quality in a radio communication device
10 9,380,457 Method and system of secured direct link set-up (DLS) for wireless networks
11 9,380,452 Radio based location power profiles
12 9,380,444 Systems and methods for WLAN network selection
13 9,380,197 Techniques for video analytics of captured video content
14 9,380,090 Network assisted interference cancellation and suppression with respect to interfering control channel transmissions
15 9,380,066 Distributed traffic pattern analysis and entropy prediction for detecting malware in a network environment
16 9,380,026 Authenticating to a network via a device-specific one time password
17 9,379,977 Techniques for a switch to receive network controller sideband interface control packets
18 9,379,883 Digital to analog converter cell for signed operation
19 9,379,875 Downlink channel parameters determination for a multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system
20 9,379,863 Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
21 9,379,856 Synchronizing peer-to-peer operation for outside network coverage and partial network coverage using LTE air interface
22 9,379,826 Calibration of a transmitter with internal power measurement
23 9,379,743 Method and apparatus for signal edge boosting
24 9,379,717 Apparatus to reduce power of a charge pump
25 9,379,712 High speed precessionally switched magnetic logic
26 9,379,321 Chalcogenide glass composition and chalcogenide switch devices
27 9,379,010 Methods for forming interconnect layers having tight pitch interconnect structures
28 9,378,788 Negative bitline write assist circuit and method for operating the same
29 9,378,572 Shared virtual memory
30 9,378,534 Image stream pipeline controller for deploying image primitives to a computation fabric
31 9,378,501 Controlled access to functionality of a wireless device
32 9,378,446 Solar powered RFID tags and method of manufacture therefore
33 9,378,371 Systems and methods for account recovery using a platform attestation credential
34 9,378,364 Technologies for managing security threats to a computing system utilizing user interactions
35 9,378,352 Barcode authentication for resource requests
36 9,378,182 Vector move instruction controlled by read and write masks
37 9,378,181 Scalable computing array
38 9,378,173 Apparatus and method to maximize buffer utilization in an I/O controller
39 9,378,172 Identifying devices in a topology of devices for audio/video streaming
40 9,378,171 High performance interconnect physical layer
41 9,378,164 Interrupt return instruction with embedded interrupt service functionality
42 9,378,163 Method to accelerate message signaled interrupt processing
43 9,378,148 Adaptive hierarchical cache policy in a microprocessor
44 9,378,142 Apparatus and method for implementing a multi-level memory hierarchy having different operating modes
45 9,378,133 Autonomous initialization of non-volatile random access memory in a computer system
46 9,378,127 Dynamic memory page policy
47 9,378,021 Instruction and logic for run-time evaluation of multiple prefetchers
48 9,378,017 Apparatus and method of efficient vector roll operation
49 9,377,854 Technologies for remotely controlling a computing device via a wearable computing device
50 9,377,841 Adaptively limiting a maximum operating frequency in a multicore processor
51 9,377,836 Restricting clock signal delivery based on activity in a processor
52 9,377,818 Detachable displays
53 9,377,594 Two-dimensional, high-density optical connector
54 9,377,486 Thermal interface material handling for thermal control of an electronic component under test
55 9,377,353 Optical perspiration sensor using frustrated total internal reflection