Intel patents granted on 28 March 2006

48 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,020,893 Method and apparatus for continuously and opportunistically driving an optimal broadcast schedule based on most recent client demand feedback from a distributed set of broadcast clients
2 7,020,891 Internet domain and time index based video email system
3 7,020,873 Apparatus and method for vectorization of detected saturation and clipping operations in serial code loops of a source program
4 7,020,871 Breakpoint method for parallel hardware threads in multithreaded processor
5 7,020,836 One’s complement pipelined checksum
6 7,020,818 Method and apparatus for PVT controller for programmable on die termination
7 7,020,810 Method and apparatus for propagating error status over an ECC protected channel
8 7,020,792 Method and apparatus for time domain equalization
9 7,020,789 Processor core and methods to reduce power by not using components dedicated to wide operands when a micro-instruction has narrow operands
10 7,020,766 Processing essential and non-essential code separately
11 7,020,762 Method and apparatus for determining a dynamic random access memory page management implementation
12 7,020,747 Dual-stack memory architecture and compiling method
13 7,020,738 Method for resolving address space conflicts between a virtual machine monitor and a guest operating system
14 7,020,729 Protocol independent data transmission interface
15 7,020,724 Enhanced power reduction capabilities for streaming direct memory access engine
16 7,020,709 System and method for fault tolerant stream splitting
17 7,020,705 De-authenticating in security environments only providing authentication
18 7,020,675 Multiplier using MOS channel widths for code weighting
19 7,020,603 Audio coding and transcoding using perceptual distortion templates
20 7,020,590 Simulation of di/dt-induced power supply voltage variation
21 7,020,363 Optical probe for wafer testing
22 7,020,246 Time domain reflected signal measurement using statistical signal processing
23 7,020,223 Viterbi decoder and method using sequential two-way add-compare-select operations
24 7,020,206 Wavelet coding of video
25 7,020,177 Method and apparatus to transfer information
26 7,020,093 Delivery of streaming media
27 7,020,041 Method and apparatus to clamp SRAM supply voltage
28 7,019,977 Method of attaching non-adhesive thermal interface materials
29 7,019,971 Thermal management systems for micro-components
30 7,019,928 Multi-ported mass storage device
31 7,019,907 Integrated lithium niobate based optical transmitter
32 7,019,884 Light modulator with bi-directional drive
33 7,019,828 Chemical enhancement in surface enhanced raman scattering using lithium salts
34 7,019,592 Amplifier apparatus, method, and system
35 7,019,550 Leakage testing for differential signal transceiver
36 7,019,394 Circuit package and method of plating the same
37 7,019,346 Capacitor having an anodic metal oxide substrate
38 7,019,326 Transistor with strain-inducing structure in channel
39 7,018,938 Controlled use of photochemically susceptible chemistries for etching, cleaning and surface conditioning
40 7,018,920 Composite sacrificial material
41 7,018,918 Method of forming a selectively converted inter-layer dielectric using a porogen material
42 7,018,867 Fabricating stacked chips using fluidic templated-assembly
43 7,018,853 Stepped structure for a multi-rank, stacked polymer memory device and method of making same
44 7,018,549 Method of fabricating multiple nanowires of uniform length from a single catalytic nanoparticle
45 7,018,095 Circuit for sensing on-die temperature at multiple locations
46 7,018,058 Polarization conversion system
47 7,017,638 Forming folded-stack packaged device using vertical progression folding tool
48 7,017,258 Mounting system for high-mass heatsinks