Intel patents granted on 28 May 2013

33 US patents granted on 28 May 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,453,236 Tamper-aware virtual TPM
2 8,453,197 Method, apparatus and system for isolating a temporary partition on a host
3 8,453,179 Linking real time media context to related applications and services
4 8,453,156 Method and system to perform load balancing of a task-based multi-threaded application
5 8,453,146 Apportioning a counted value to a task executed on a multi-core processor
6 8,453,134 Improving data locality and parallelism by code replication
7 8,453,131 Method and apparatus for ordering code based on critical sections
8 8,453,020 Method for detecting the validity of downlink control information in telecommunication user equipment, decoder and baseband receiver for performing same
9 8,452,954 Methods and systems to bind a device to a computer system
10 8,452,950 Component firmware integration in distributed systems
11 8,452,946 Methods and apparatuses for efficient load processing using buffers
12 8,452,601 Reading device with shortcut read function
13 8,452,246 Antenna tuner in combination with modified feedback receiver for improved antenna matching
14 8,452,232 Automatic on-off switching repeater for MIMO networks
15 8,452,154 Transmitting signals to cause replays to be recorded at a plurality of receivers
16 8,452,012 Using a trusted-platform-based shared-secret derivation and WWAN infrastructure-based enrollment to establish a secure local channel
17 8,451,969 Apparatus, system, and method for timing recovery
18 8,451,962 Arrangements for acquiring and using data obtained from received interference to facilitate data recovery
19 8,451,808 Techniques for 40 megahertz (MHz) channel switching
20 8,451,799 Security update procedure for zone switching in mixed-mode WiMAX network
21 8,451,777 Techniques to assign multiple identifiers in a wireless network
22 8,451,670 Adaptive and dynamic stability enhancement for memories
23 8,451,604 Chimney-based cooling mechanism for computing devices
24 8,451,319 Method and system for removing redundancy from among panoramic images, and computer-readable recording medium
25 8,451,281 Shared virtual memory between a host and discrete graphics device in a computing system
26 8,451,098 Switchable active-passive RFID tag
27 8,451,043 On-chip self calibrating delay monitoring circuitry
28 8,450,980 Providing resilient power to a system
29 8,450,857 Through mold via polymer block package
30 8,450,201 Multimode signaling on decoupled input/output and power channels
31 8,450,186 Optical modulator utilizing wafer bonding technology
32 8,450,165 Semiconductor device having tipless epitaxial source/drain regions
33 8,448,846 Medication recording device