Intel patents granted on 28 October 2014

41 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,875,112 Implementing portable content protection to secure secrets
2 8,874,976 Providing error handling support to legacy devices
3 8,874,949 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including enhanced temperature based voltage control
4 8,874,947 Method and apparatus of power management of processor
5 8,874,933 Instruction set for SHA1 round processing on 128-bit data paths
6 8,874,916 Introduction of discrete roots of trust
7 8,874,906 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
8 8,874,900 Direct anonymous attestation scheme with outsourcing capability
9 8,874,898 Power line based theft protection of electronic devices
10 8,874,882 Compiler-directed sign/zero extension of a first bit size result to overwrite incorrect data before subsequent processing involving the result within an architecture supporting larger second bit size values
11 8,874,834 Tracking a lifetime of write operations to a non-volatile memory storage
12 8,874,767 Enqueuing received network packets based, at least in part, on at least one programmable mask
13 8,874,138 Systems and methods for determining to use geo-fencing by using straight-line distances between locations
14 8,874,103 Determining proximity of user equipment for device-to-device communication
15 8,874,047 Agile and adaptive transmitter-receiver isolation
16 8,874,046 Techniques utilizing step size adaptation for differential beamforming in wireless networks
17 8,873,935 System and method for automatically capturing user edits in a digital recording
18 8,873,746 Establishing, at least in part, secure communication channel between nodes so as to permit inspection, at least in part, of encrypted communication carried out, at least in part, between the nodes
19 8,873,699 Fractional frequency divider with phase permutation
20 8,873,683 Interference and noise estimation in a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) receiver
21 8,873,678 Method for processing data
22 8,873,667 Digital modulation
23 8,873,665 Communication devices and methods for receiving data
24 8,873,656 Device, system and method of processing single-carrier wireless communication signals
25 8,873,655 Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) symbol
26 8,873,531 Device, system and method of indicating station-specific information within a wireless communication
27 8,873,480 Techniques for dynamic spectrum management, allocation, and sharing
28 8,873,417 Techniques using differential precoding for highly correlated channels in wireless networks
29 8,873,388 Segmentation interleaving for data transmission requests
30 8,872,977 Method and apparatus for content adaptive spatial-temporal motion adaptive noise reduction
31 8,872,897 Camera calibration using an easily produced 3D calibration pattern
32 8,872,851 Augmenting image data based on related 3D point cloud data
33 8,872,558 Hybrid phase-locked loops
34 8,872,546 Interface circuitry for a test apparatus
35 8,872,541 Dynamic adaptation of continuous time linear equalization circuits
36 8,872,355 Semiconductor device with pre-molding chip bonding
37 8,872,349 Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly
38 8,872,225 Defect transferred and lattice mismatched epitaxial film
39 8,872,160 Increasing carrier injection velocity for integrated circuit devices
40 8,871,634 Chip package incorporating interfacial adhesion through conductor sputtering
41 8,870,598 Active electrical communication cable assembly