Intel patents granted on 29 April 2008

52 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,367,057 Processor based system and method for virus detection
2 7,367,022 Methods and apparatus for optimizing the operating speed and size of a computer program
3 7,367,021 Method and apparatus for generating multiple processor-specific code segments in a single executable
4 7,366,964 Method, system, and apparatus for loopback entry and exit
5 7,366,958 Race condition prevention
6 7,366,952 Interconnect condition detection using test pattern in idle packets
7 7,366,931 Memory modules that receive clock information and are placed in a low power state
8 7,366,930 System and method for successfully negotiating a slowest common link speed between a first and second device
9 7,366,914 Source code transformation based on program operators
10 7,366,891 Methods and apparatus to provide dual-mode drivers in processor systems
11 7,366,881 Method and apparatus for staggering execution of an instruction
12 7,366,879 Alteration of functional unit partitioning scheme in multithreaded processor based upon thread statuses
13 7,366,872 Method for addressing configuration registers by scanning for a structure in configuration space and adding a known offset
14 7,366,865 Enqueueing entries in a packet queue referencing packets
15 7,366,849 Protected configuration space in a protected environment
16 7,366,845 Pushing of clean data to one or more processors in a system having a coherency protocol
17 7,366,831 Lock-free bounded FIFO queue mechanism
18 7,366,817 Frame order processing apparatus, systems, and methods
19 7,366,806 Method and apparatus for RFID tag wherein memory of RFID tag is partitioned into two sections for reading using wireless interface and writing using bus
20 7,366,802 Method in a frame based system for reserving a plurality of buffers based on a selected communication protocol
21 7,366,781 Network apparatus for switching based on content of application data
22 7,366,748 Methods and apparatus for fast argument reduction in a computing system
23 7,366,721 Method and apparatus for displaying a plurality of related products to a user based upon the selection of a main product by the user
24 7,366,712 Information retrieval center gateway
25 7,366,575 Wafer polishing control
26 7,366,473 Method and apparatus for diversity switching control
27 7,366,471 Mitigating interference between wireless systems
28 7,366,470 Inter-modulation distortion compensation
29 7,366,427 Line driver with variable bandwidth control
30 7,366,423 System having multiple agents on optical and electrical bus
31 7,366,368 Optical add/drop interconnect bus for multiprocessor architecture
32 7,366,305 Platform and method for establishing trust without revealing identity
33 7,366,259 Channel estimator
34 7,366,245 Calibration in MIMO systems
35 7,366,186 Forwarding data in a routing architecture
36 7,366,153 Apparatus and method capable of providing quality of service channel access in a wireless network
37 7,365,998 Unregulated isolated DC/DC converter with ripple control
38 7,365,980 Micropin heat exchanger
39 7,365,753 Texture engine state variable synchronizer
40 7,365,655 Transcoding media content from a personal video recorder for a portable device
41 7,365,532 Apparatus to receive signals from electromagnetic coupler
42 7,365,428 Array capacitor with resistive structure
43 7,365,414 Component packaging apparatus, systems, and methods
44 7,365,375 Organic-framework zeolite interlayer dielectrics
45 7,365,011 Catalytic nucleation monolayer for metal seed layers
46 7,365,007 Interconnects with direct metalization and conductive polymer
47 7,365,003 Carbon nanotube interconnects in porous diamond interlayer dielectrics
48 7,364,976 Selective etch for patterning a semiconductor film deposited non-selectively
49 7,364,943 Method of bonding a microelectronic die to a substrate and arrangement to carry out method
50 7,364,851 Nucleic acid sequencing by Raman monitoring of uptake of precursors during molecular replication
51 7,364,087 Virtual firmware smart card
52 7,364,063 Thermally coupling an integrated heat spreader to a heat sink base