Intel patents granted on 29 April 2014

35 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 RE44,877 Method and apparatus for accessing and downloading information from the internet
2 8,713,702 Digital media content distribution
3 8,713,569 Dynamic association and disassociation of threads to device functions based on requestor identification
4 8,713,416 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
5 8,713,260 Adaptive block pre-fetching method and system
6 8,713,256 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including dynamic cache sizing and cache operating voltage management for optimal power performance
7 8,713,240 Providing multiple decode options for a system-on-chip (SoC) fabric
8 8,713,234 Supporting multiple channels of a single interface
9 8,712,997 Methods and systems for optimizing data accesses
10 8,712,689 Method for computer-based determination of a position in a map, navigation device and mobile radio telephone
11 8,712,437 Mobile communication device and method for providing positioning information
12 8,712,427 Method for determining the local position of at least one mobile radio communication device based on predetermined local positions of adjacent radio communication devices, associated radio communication device and radio communication system
13 8,712,359 Communication device and method for detecting a radio signal
14 8,712,353 Radio communication devices, information providers, methods for controlling a radio communication device and methods for controlling an information provider
15 8,712,342 Integrated transmit/receive switch
16 8,712,236 Power management implementation in an optical link
17 8,711,985 Multi user MIMO detection utilizing averaged spatial whitening
18 8,711,980 Receiver with feedback continuous-time delta-sigma modulator with current-mode input
19 8,711,977 Method for transmitting a signal
20 8,711,916 Tap initialization of equalizer based on estimated channel impulse response
21 8,711,907 PMI feedback with codebook interpolation
22 8,711,905 Calibration of quadrature imbalances using wideband signals
23 8,711,875 Aggregating completion messages in a sideband interface
24 8,711,784 Beaconing and superframe structure for millimeter wave wireless technologies
25 8,711,779 Wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
26 8,711,760 Method and apparatus to adjust received signal
27 8,711,153 Methods and apparatuses for configuring and operating graphics processing units
28 8,711,018 Providing a feedback loop in a low latency serial interconnect architecture
29 8,710,913 Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
30 8,710,903 Drive and startup for a switched capacitor divider
31 8,710,869 High-speed comparator with asymmetric frequency response
32 8,710,858 Micro positioning test socket and methods for active precision alignment and co-planarity feedback
33 8,710,490 Semiconductor device having germanium active layer with underlying parasitic leakage barrier layer
34 8,709,869 Method of manufacturing a plurality of electronic assemblies
35 8,709,355 Microfluidic system incorporating a metal impregnated nanoporous material in a microfluidic pathway thereof