Intel patents granted on 29 December 2015

85 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,226,428 High heat capacity electronic components and methods for fabricating
2 9,226,338 Communication terminal device and method for controlling
3 9,226,316 Device, system and method of communicating during an association beamforming training (A-BFT) period
4 9,226,278 Enhanced physical downlink control channel (ePDCCH)
5 9,226,260 Initiator-conditioned fine timing measurement service request
6 9,226,240 Power management for wireless networks
7 9,226,239 Wireless wake-up device for cellular module
8 9,226,235 Circuit arrangement and a method for communication network search and signal power measurement
9 9,226,225 Overhead-free provisioning of roaming WiFi networks
10 9,226,211 Centralized partitioning of user devices in a heterogeneous wireless network
11 9,226,194 Grouping of user terminal cell access information in a system information block
12 9,226,169 Headless external sensor discovery and data access using mobile device
13 9,226,160 Radio spectrum trading
14 9,226,150 Tracking device status with respect to other devices and zones of a virtual geo-fence
15 9,226,113 Constraining inertial navigation system solution according to pedometrical data
16 9,225,779 Method and apparatus for requesting media replication in a collaborative communication session, and method and apparatus for assigning a communication medium for a collaborative communication session
17 9,225,759 User equipment and method for discontinuous reception (DRX) mode in wireless communication networks
18 9,225,757 Tree-based broadcasting service over push-to-talk mobile IP network
19 9,225,673 Method and apparatus to manage per flow state
20 9,225,565 Device for generating a vector-modulated output signal and method for generating a vector-modulated output signal
21 9,225,562 Digital wideband closed loop phase modulator with modulation gain calibration
22 9,225,559 Apparatus and method to process signals from one or more transmission sources
23 9,225,521 Apparatus and method for skein hashing
24 9,225,517 Secure device association
25 9,225,501 Non-linear modeling of a physical system using look-up table with polynomial interpolation
26 9,225,499 Method, apparatus and system of transferring data between elements of a cable communication device
27 9,225,478 Supporting measurments and feedback for 3D MIMO with data transmission optimization
28 9,225,449 Performing a handover in a heterogeneous wireless network
29 9,225,405 Method and apparatus using a base codebook structure for beamforming
30 9,225,404 Hybrid beamforming for data transmission
31 9,225,399 Method to enable optimization for small data in an evolved packet core (EPC)
32 9,225,396 Apparatus, system and method of transmit power control for wireless communication
33 9,225,395 Antenna control system and method
34 9,225,388 Transmitting magnetic field through metal chassis using fractal surfaces
35 9,225,381 Tunable quality factor
36 9,225,380 Semiconductor device and fabrication method
37 9,225,379 Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
38 9,225,308 Apparatus and method for amplifying a transmit signal or for determining values of a delay control parameter
39 9,225,164 Decoupling arrangement
40 9,225,062 Systems and methods for polling for dynamic slot reservation
41 9,225,054 Device, system and method of communicating via a dual directional antenna
42 9,224,882 Low voltage photodetectors
43 9,224,810 CMOS nanowire structure
44 9,224,808 Uniaxially strained nanowire structure
45 9,224,794 Embedded memory device having MIM capacitor formed in excavated structure
46 9,224,754 Stress in trigate devices using complimentary gate fill materials
47 9,224,735 Self-aligned contact metallization for reduced contact resistance
48 9,224,674 Packaged semiconductor die with bumpless die-package interface for bumpless build-up layer (BBUL) packages
49 9,224,602 Sub-second annealing lithography techniques
50 9,224,465 Cross-point memory bias scheme
51 9,224,461 Low voltage embedded memory having cationic-based conductive oxide element
52 9,224,183 Projection of a plurality of structured light patterns
53 9,223,983 Security co-processor boot performance
54 9,223,982 Continuation of trust for platform boot firmware
55 9,223,979 Detection of return oriented programming attacks
56 9,223,952 Allowing varied device access based on different levels of unlocking mechanisms
57 9,223,950 Security challenge assisted password proxy
58 9,223,752 Digital signal processor with one or more non-linear functions using factorized polynomial interpolation
59 9,223,751 Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
60 9,223,738 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of resources
61 9,223,735 Providing a consolidated sideband communication channel between devices
62 9,223,718 Memory device responding to device commands for operational controls
63 9,223,714 Instruction boundary prediction for variable length instruction set
64 9,223,710 Read-write partitioning of cache memory
65 9,223,699 Cache management in managed runtime environments
66 9,223,668 Method and apparatus to trigger and trace on-chip system fabric transactions within the primary scalable fabric
67 9,223,618 Multi-threaded queuing system for pattern matching
68 9,223,603 Memory address re-mapping of graphics data
69 9,223,602 Processors, methods, and systems to enforce blacklisted paging structure indication values
70 9,223,579 Handling atomic operations for a non-coherent device
71 9,223,572 Interleaving half of packed data elements of size specified in instruction and stored in two source registers
72 9,223,553 Methods and apparatus to validate translated guest code in a dynamic binary translator
73 9,223,544 Number representation and memory system for arithmetic
74 9,223,503 Generating random numbers utilizing entropic nature of NAND flash memory medium
75 9,223,392 Reduced power state network processing
76 9,223,390 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor
77 9,223,389 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor
78 9,223,387 Rescheduling active display tasks to minimize overlapping with active platform tasks
79 9,223,385 Re-driver power management
80 9,223,379 Intelligent receive buffer management to optimize idle state residency
81 9,223,367 Supply margining method and apparatus
82 9,223,365 Method and apparatus for controlled reset sequences without parallel fuses and PLL’S
83 9,223,003 Differentiated station location
84 9,222,908 Device and method for detecting redox reactions in solution
85 9,222,785 Systems and methods of reducing timing measurement error due to clock offset