Intel patents granted on 29 June 2010

35 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,748,037 Validating a memory type modification attempt
2 7,748,001 Multi-thread processing system for detecting and handling live-lock conditions by arbitrating livelock priority of logical processors based on a predertermined amount of time
3 7,747,992 Methods and apparatus for creating software basic block layouts
4 7,747,932 Reducing the uncorrectable error rate in a lockstepped dual-modular redundancy system
5 7,747,913 Correcting intermittent errors in data storage structures
6 7,747,897 Method and apparatus for lockstep processing on a fixed-latency interconnect
7 7,747,888 Technique to create link determinism
8 7,747,862 Method and apparatus to authenticate base and subscriber stations and secure sessions for broadband wireless networks
9 7,747,846 Managed redundant enterprise basic input/output system store update
10 7,747,788 Hardware oriented target-side native command queuing tag management
11 7,747,669 Rounding of binary integers
12 7,747,292 Techniques for adaptive interference cancellation
13 7,747,122 Method and apparatus for high speed silicon optical modulation using PN diode
14 7,747,078 Substring detection system and method
15 7,747,020 Technique for implementing a security algorithm
16 7,746,967 Beam-former and combiner for a multiple-antenna system
17 7,746,896 Base station and method for allocating bandwidth in a broadband wireless network with reduced latency
18 7,746,866 Ordered and duplicate-free delivery of wireless data frames
19 7,746,865 Maskable content addressable memory
20 7,746,856 Method, apparatus and system for optimizing packet throughput for content processing systems on chips
21 7,746,847 Jitter buffer management in a packet-based network
22 7,746,827 Methods and arrangements for selection of a wireless transmission method based upon signal to noise ratios
23 7,746,822 Dynamic multi-access relaying for wireless networks
24 7,746,810 Wake on wireless network techniques
25 7,746,795 Method, system, and apparatus for loopback parameter exchange
26 7,746,778 Resource based data rate control
27 7,746,689 Molecular quantum memory
28 7,746,135 Wake-up circuit
29 7,745,940 Forming ultra dense 3-D interconnect structures
30 7,745,917 Compliant integrated circuit package substrate
31 7,745,912 Stress absorption layer and cylinder solder joint method and apparatus
32 7,745,270 Tri-gate patterning using dual layer gate stack
33 7,745,013 Solder foams, nano-porous solders, foamed-solder bumps in chip packages, methods of assembling same, and systems containing same
34 7,744,816 Methods and device for biomolecule characterization
35 7,744,802 Dielectric film with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) using liquid crystalline resin