Intel patents granted on 29 March 2011

24 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,917,910 Techniques to manage critical region interrupts
2 7,917,898 Methods and apparatus to provide a modular native method invocation system
3 7,917,828 Providing error correction coding for probed data
4 7,917,823 Decoupled clocking in testing architecture and method of testing
5 7,917,789 System and method for selecting optimal processor performance levels by using processor hardware feedback mechanisms
6 7,917,787 Method, apparatus and system to dynamically choose an aoptimum power state
7 7,917,734 Determining length of instruction with multiple byte escape code based on information from other than opcode byte
8 7,917,724 Protection of user-level applications based on page table information
9 7,917,689 Methods and apparatuses for nonvolatile memory wear leveling
10 7,917,646 Speculative distributed conflict resolution for a cache coherency protocol
11 7,917,509 String search scheme in a distributed architecture
12 7,916,965 Detection of artifacts resulting from image signal decompression
13 7,916,750 Transaction layer packet compression
14 7,916,670 Apparatus and method of block acknowledgements with reduced recipient state information
15 7,916,518 VCC control inside data register of memory device
16 7,916,514 Shunted phase change memory
17 7,916,150 Methods, systems, and data structures for generating a rasterizer
18 7,915,694 Gate electrode having a capping layer
19 7,915,642 Apparatus and methods for forming a modulation doped non-planar transistor
20 7,915,171 Double patterning techniques and structures
21 7,915,167 Fabrication of channel wraparound gate structure for field-effect transistor
22 7,915,081 Flexible interconnect pattern on semiconductor package
23 7,915,060 Grid array connection device and method
24 7,914,740 Biosensor utilizing a resonator having a functionalized surface