Intel patents granted on 29 March 2016

47 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,301,331 Mobile radio communication devices, mobile radio communication networks, and methods for controlling the same
2 9,301,274 Minimal maintenance link to support synchronization
3 9,301,219 Techniques for coordinated uplink power control
4 9,301,204 Methods for accessing to base station that uses sack mechanism and apparatuses using the same
5 9,301,198 Cooperative radio access network with centralized base station baseband unit (BBU) processing pool
6 9,301,183 Transmission of uplink control information in inter-eNB carrier aggregation
7 9,301,130 Base station, method for controlling a communication terminal, communication terminal and method for operating a communication terminal
8 9,301,115 Apparatuses and methods for handling attach procedure in a mobile communication system
9 9,301,083 Techniques for communication between service capability server and interworking function for device trigger recall/replace
10 9,301,024 Modular frequency based fiber transport and radio transport repeater platform for diverse radio frequency configurable deployments
11 9,300,893 Image matching-based pointing techniques
12 9,300,597 Statistics module for network processors in virtual local area networks
13 9,300,509 Wireless communication system with common cell ID
14 9,300,504 Mobile device transmitter and methods for transmitting signals in different signal dimensions for 3GPP LTE
15 9,300,440 Relay node and method for relay node operation with improved data throughput for cell-edge users
16 9,300,365 Waveguide that acts as a spring
17 9,300,277 Apparatus for reducing periodic jitter in a ring oscillator
18 9,300,020 Filterless broadband front-end isolator
19 9,299,767 Source-channel interaction in 3D circuit
20 9,299,747 Electrode configurations to increase electro-thermal isolation of phase-change memory elements and associated techniques
21 9,299,672 Contact pads for integrated circuit packages
22 9,299,660 Controlled solder-on-die integrations on packages and methods of assembling same
23 9,299,635 Ridged integrated heat spreader
24 9,299,602 Enabling package-on-package (PoP) pad surface finishes on bumpless build-up layer (BBUL) package
25 9,299,505 Overcoming variance in stacked capacitors
26 9,299,412 Write operations in spin transfer torque memory
27 9,299,400 Distributed row hammer tracking
28 9,299,395 Methods and systems to selectively boost an operating voltage of, and controls to an 8T bit-cell array and/or other logic blocks
29 9,299,161 Method and device for head tracking and computer-readable recording medium
30 9,298,976 Method, apparatus and computer readable recording medium for managing a reference face database to improve face recognition performance under a restricted memory environment
31 9,298,948 Method and apparatus for remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
32 9,298,911 Method, apparatus, system, and computer readable medium for providing apparatus security
33 9,298,718 Method and system to play linear video in variable time frames
34 9,298,641 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
35 9,298,640 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
36 9,298,639 Controlling access to groups of memory pages in a virtualized environment
37 9,298,632 Hybrid cache state and filter tracking of memory operations during a transaction
38 9,298,629 Extending a cache coherency snoop broadcast protocol with directory information
39 9,298,607 Access control for non-volatile random access memory across platform agents
40 9,298,606 Statistical wear leveling for non-volatile system memory
41 9,298,573 Built-in self-test for stacked memory architecture
42 9,298,552 Using read values from previous decoding operations to calculate soft bit information in an error recovery operation
43 9,298,312 Automated perceptual quality assessment of touchscreen devices
44 9,298,006 Layered light field reconstruction for defocus blur
45 9,297,824 Techniques, systems and devices related to acceleration measurement
46 9,297,559 Adaptive thermoelectric cooling in a processor
47 9,296,338 Vehicle mirror adjustment