Intel patents granted on 29 May 2012

32 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,191,062 System for processor frequency governors to govern a processor frequency by deriving CPU utilization information based on the state of virtual machine monitor
2 8,190,977 Decoder of error correction codes
3 8,190,930 Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
4 8,190,870 Network storage target boot and network connectivity through a common network device
5 8,190,867 Packing two packed signed data in registers with saturation
6 8,190,863 Apparatus and method for heterogeneous chip multiprocessors via resource allocation and restriction
7 8,190,859 Critical section detection and prediction mechanism for hardware lock elision
8 8,190,845 System and method for allocating and deallocating memory within transactional code
9 8,190,841 Method of managing sectors of a non-volatile memory
10 8,190,830 Method, apparatus, and systems to support execution pipelining in a memory controller
11 8,190,820 Optimizing concurrent accesses in a directory-based coherency protocol
12 8,190,778 Method and apparatus for network filtering and firewall protection on a secure partition
13 8,190,770 Segmentation and reassembly of data frames
14 8,190,765 Data reception management apparatus, systems, and methods
15 8,190,652 Achieving coherence between dynamically optimized code and original code
16 8,190,168 Enhanced scheduling techniques for wireless communication networks
17 8,190,167 Wireless device channel selection using dynamic channel allocation
18 8,190,152 Wireless network roaming timer method and apparatus
19 8,190,111 Two-point polar modulator and method for generating a polar-modulated signal based on amplitude information and phase information
20 8,190,091 Method for setting data transmission parameters and communication device
21 8,189,792 Method and apparatus for performing cryptographic operations
22 8,189,710 Architecture and methods for coexistence of wireless radios having differing protocols
23 8,189,705 Method and apparatus to perform equalization and decoding for a communication system
24 8,189,694 Transmitting and receiving arrangement with a channel-oriented link
25 8,189,619 Systems and methods facilitating high throughput control in wireless communications
26 8,189,573 Method and apparatus for configuring at least one port in a switch to be an upstream port or a downstream port
27 8,189,361 Multi-chip assembly with optically coupled die
28 8,189,343 Method and apparatus to provide power to a backplane
29 8,189,119 Channel control techniques
30 8,188,594 Input/output package architectures
31 8,186,231 Method and apparatus for scanning a textile
32 8,186,051 Method for fabricating package substrate and die spacer layers having a ceramic backbone