Intel patents granted on 29 November 2016

63 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D772,862 Electronic device with convertible touchscreen
2 D772,860 Electronic device with cylindrical display
3 9,510,378 Systems and methods for implementing a peer-to-peer connection
4 9,510,346 Master station and method for high-efficiency wi-fi (hew) communication using traveling pilots
5 9,510,314 Method and evolved node-B for geographic bin data collection and reporting
6 9,510,306 Method and system for coexistence of multiple collocated radios
7 9,510,291 M2M devices and communication methods thereof
8 9,510,194 Open and encrypted wireless network access
9 9,510,133 Multi-rat carrier aggregation for integrated WWAN-WLAN operation
10 9,510,022 Multi-layer approach for frame-missing concealment in a video decoder
11 9,510,007 Configurable buffer allocation for multi-format video processing
12 9,509,995 System and method for enhanced DMVD processing
13 9,509,941 Context based management for secure augmented reality applications
14 9,509,677 Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
15 9,509,502 Symmetric keying and chain of trust
16 9,509,485 Systems and methods for in-device co-existence interference avoidance for dual connectivity
17 9,509,465 Multi-channel communication station for communicating a multi-channel PPDU and methods of reducing collisions on secondary channels in multi-channel wireless networks
18 9,509,438 Determining a high data rate for backchannel communications for initialization of high-speed networks
19 9,509,356 Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
20 9,509,355 Calibration of quadrature imbalance via loopback phase shifts
21 9,509,326 Apparatus for correcting linearity of a digital-to-analog converter
22 9,509,292 Method and apparatus for improving a load independent buffer
23 9,509,214 Voltage regulator with adaptive control
24 9,508,821 Self-aligned contacts
25 9,508,796 Internal spacers for nanowire transistors and method of fabrication thereof
26 9,508,731 Pillar arrangement in NAND memory
27 9,508,675 Microelectronic package having direct contact heat spreader and method of manufacturing same
28 9,508,667 Formation of solder and copper interconnect structures and associated techniques and configurations
29 9,508,660 Microelectronic die having chamfered corners
30 9,508,636 Integrated circuit package substrate
31 9,508,610 Inline measurement of molding material thickness using terahertz reflectance
32 9,508,278 Present contents on persistent display
33 9,507,965 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
34 9,507,963 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
35 9,507,962 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
36 9,507,952 Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
37 9,507,951 Technologies for secure input and display of virtual touch user interfaces
38 9,507,949 Device and methods for management and access of distributed data sources
39 9,507,937 Reporting malicious activity to an operating system
40 9,507,918 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
41 9,507,752 Methods, apparatus and systems for facilitating RDMA operations with reduced doorbell rings
42 9,507,746 Control messaging in multislot link layer flit
43 9,507,730 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
44 9,507,725 Store forwarding for data caches
45 9,507,714 Managed runtime extensions to reduce power consumption in devices with hybrid memory
46 9,507,596 Instruction and logic for prefetcher throttling based on counts of memory accesses to data sources
47 9,507,594 Method and system of compiling program code into predicated instructions for execution on a processor without a program counter
48 9,507,593 Instruction for element offset calculation in a multi-dimensional array
49 9,507,575 State recovery methods and apparatus for computing platforms
50 9,507,534 Home agent multi-level NVM memory architecture
51 9,507,519 Methods and apparatus for dynamically adapting a virtual keyboard
52 9,507,427 Techniques for gesture recognition
53 9,507,408 Power gating for termination power supplies
54 9,507,403 Power management using reward-based sleep state selection
55 9,507,402 Monitoring transaction requests using a policy engine within a storage drive driver to change power capability and latency settings for a storage drive
56 9,507,143 Compact illumination system
57 9,507,086 Optical I/O system using planar light-wave integrated circuit
58 9,506,984 Protocol based automated tester stimulus generator
59 9,506,980 Integrated circuit testing architecture
60 9,506,967 Multi-dimensional electrodes for capacitive sensing
61 9,506,769 System and method for familiarity-based navigation
62 9,505,610 Device, system and method for providing MEMS structures of a semiconductor package
63 9,505,607 Methods of forming sensor integrated packages and structures formed thereby