Intel patents granted on 29 September 2009

29 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,596,790 Allocating computing resources in a distributed environment
2 7,596,783 Methods and apparatus to implement annotation based thunking
3 7,596,724 Quiescence for retry messages on bidirectional communications interface
4 7,596,714 Methods and apparatus to manage throttling in computing environments
5 7,596,709 CPU power management based on utilization with lowest performance mode at the mid-utilization range
6 7,596,683 Switching processor threads during long latencies
7 7,596,662 Selective storage of data in levels of a cache memory
8 7,596,653 Technique for broadcasting messages on a point-to-point interconnect
9 7,596,652 Integrated circuit having processor and bridging capabilities
10 7,596,650 Increasing availability of input/output (I/O) interconnections in a system
11 7,596,638 Method, system, and apparatus to decrease CPU temperature through I/O bus throttling
12 7,596,464 Determining the thermal influence of components within a system and usage of a matrix for power and thermal management
13 7,596,384 Audio over subsystem interface
14 7,596,371 Device, system, and method of selectively scanning a wireless communication band
15 7,596,355 System and method capable of closed loop MIMO calibration
16 7,596,174 Equalizing a transmitter
17 7,596,152 Apparatus, system and method capable of low duty cycle hierarchical AD HOC networks
18 7,596,141 Packet classification using encoded addresses
19 7,595,991 Using the wave soldering process to attach motherboard chipset heat sinks
20 7,595,856 Black and white color cholesteric liquid crystal display
21 7,595,820 Determining image quality for improving object trackability
22 7,595,768 Switching schemes for multiple antennas
23 7,595,698 PLL lock time reduction
24 7,595,555 Method of forming air gaps in a dielectric material using a sacrificial film and resulting structures
25 7,595,468 Passive thermal solution for hand-held devices
26 7,595,248 Angled implantation for removal of thin film layers
27 7,595,203 Ferroelectric memory device with a conductive polymer layer and a method of formation
28 7,594,820 Method and apparatus for electrostatic discharge of connectors
29 7,594,321 Substrate-imprinting methods