Intel patents granted on 29 September 2015

34 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,148,870 Mobile communications radio receiver for multiple network operation
2 9,148,842 Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for device-to-device discovery and advertisement
3 9,148,835 Small cells implementing multiple air interfaces
4 9,148,827 Radio communication devices, information providers, methods for controlling a radio communication device and methods for controlling an information provider
5 9,148,806 Systems and methods for high rate OFDM communications
6 9,148,801 Multicarrier packet communication system
7 9,148,792 Dynamic certification system for wireless spectrum sharing
8 9,148,755 Mobile communication terminals, method for using a communication service and method for determining information related to a geographical position of a mobile communication terminal
9 9,148,620 Detecting video formats
10 9,148,582 Method and system for perfect shot imaging from multiple images
11 9,148,532 Automated user preferences for a document processing unit
12 9,148,520 Low complexity tone/voice discrimination method using a rising edge of a frequency power envelope
13 9,148,485 Reducing packet size in a communication protocol
14 9,148,464 Multi-out media distribution system and method
15 9,148,250 Methods and arrangements for error correction in decoding data from an electromagnetic radiator
16 9,148,208 Antenna selection codebook for full dimensional MIMO systems
17 9,148,153 Systems and methods for frequency domain calibration and characterization
18 9,147,669 Recessed and embedded die coreless package
19 9,147,663 Bridge interconnection with layered interconnect structures
20 9,147,638 Interconnect structures for embedded bridge
21 9,147,633 Heat removal in an integrated circuit assembly using a jumping-drops vapor chamber
22 9,147,603 Polymer grafting for enhanced dielectric and interconnect material adhesion
23 9,147,498 Circuit arrangement, a method for testing a supply voltage provided to a test circuit, and a method for repairing a voltage source
24 9,147,340 Apparatus and methods for hybrid service discovery
25 9,147,119 System, device, and method for detecting and locating wanted vehicles
26 9,147,057 Techniques for device connections using touch gestures
27 9,146,940 Systems, methods and apparatus for providing content based on a collection of images
28 9,146,873 Adaptive queuing of a cache for a processing element
29 9,146,871 Retrieval of previously accessed data in a multi-core processor
30 9,146,844 Apparatus, method, and system for providing a decision mechanism for conditional commits in an atomic region
31 9,146,833 System and method for correct execution of software based on a variance between baseline and real time information
32 9,146,745 Method and apparatus for partitioned pipelined execution of multiple execution threads
33 9,146,610 Throttling integrated link
34 9,144,399 Medication recording device