Intel patents granted on 30 April 2013

29 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,434,155 Pre-boot protected memory channel
2 8,434,132 Roaming between networks employing different authentication protocols
3 8,434,082 Efficient ticket lock synchronization implementation using early wakeup in the presence of oversubscription
4 8,434,074 Register allocation with SIMD architecture using write masks
5 8,434,067 Method and system for whitelisting software components
6 8,433,985 Error correction mechanisms for flash memories
7 8,433,966 Acknowledgment channel design for wireless access networks
8 8,433,881 Programmable signal processing circuit and method of interleaving
9 8,433,856 Pseudo least recently used replacement/allocation scheme in request agent affinitive set-associative snoop filter
10 8,433,854 Apparatus and method for cache utilization
11 8,433,852 Method and apparatus for fuzzy stride prefetch
12 8,433,850 Method and apparatus for pipeline inclusion and instruction restarts in a micro-op cache of a processor
13 8,433,841 Providing a peripheral component interconnect (PCI)-compatible transaction level protocol for a system on a chip (SoC)
14 8,433,833 Dynamic reassignment for I/O transfers using a completion queue
15 8,433,553 Method and apparatus for designing a processor
16 8,433,361 Digital modulator and method for initiating ramp power transitions in a mobile handset transmitter
17 8,433,359 Uplink power control scheme
18 8,433,253 Voltage tuned variable jammer tolerance
19 8,433,248 Dynamic RFI detection using signal strength values
20 8,432,890 Mobile radio communication system
21 8,432,867 Method and apparatus for receiving code transmissions over timeslots and antennas
22 8,432,849 Wireless system performance modeling
23 8,432,815 Optimization of the data throughput of a mobile radio connection by efficient packet type changing
24 8,432,751 Memory cell using BTI effects in high-k metal gate MOS
25 8,432,203 System including circuitry for controlling a characteristic of a periodic signal and method for adjusting a signal
26 8,431,438 Forming in-situ micro-feature structures with coreless packages
27 8,431,223 Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) thermosetting resins for integrated circuit applications
28 8,431,063 Heat treatment for a panel and apparatus for carrying out the heat treatment method
29 8,430,576 Fiber termination in light peak lenses