Intel patents granted on 30 December 2014

45 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,924,960 Assignment, at least in part, of at least one virtual machine to at least one packet
2 8,924,816 Method and system to improve the performance and/or reliability of a solid-state drive
3 8,924,796 System and method for processing trace information
4 8,924,788 Replaying architectural execution with a probeless trace capture
5 8,924,786 No-touch stress testing of memory I/O interfaces
6 8,924,756 Processor core with higher performance burst operation with lower power dissipation sustained workload mode
7 8,924,755 Connected standby sleep state
8 8,924,748 Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
9 8,924,741 Instruction and logic to provide SIMD secure hashing round slice functionality
10 8,924,728 Apparatus and method for establishing a secure session with a device without exposing privacy-sensitive information
11 8,924,727 Technologies labeling diverse content
12 8,924,720 Method and system to securely migrate and provision virtual machine images and content
13 8,924,692 Event counter checkpointing and restoring
14 8,924,690 Apparatus and method for heterogeneous chip multiprocessors via resource allocation and restriction
15 8,924,660 Split-word memory
16 8,924,651 Prefetch optimization in shared resource multi-core systems
17 8,924,649 Persistent cacheable high volume manufacturing (HVM) initialization code
18 8,924,620 Providing a consolidated sideband communication channel between devices
19 8,924,611 Providing a serial protocol for a bidirectional serial interconnect
20 8,924,601 Apparatus and method for defect revectoring in a multi-channel mass storage device
21 8,924,569 Cloud federation as a service
22 8,924,522 Method and apparatus for remote modification of system configuration setting
23 8,923,891 Intelligent location tagging for deterministic device behavior
24 8,923,880 Selective joinder of user equipment with wireless cell
25 8,923,570 Automated memory book creation
26 8,923,510 Method and apparatus for efficiently implementing the advanced encryption standard
27 8,923,461 Method and faculty to measure and compensate DCO frequency distortions using a DPLL
28 8,923,439 Complementary signal mixing
29 8,923,434 Method and apparatus for modifying a complex-valued signal, and mobile communication device
30 8,923,323 Techniques for timers associated with powering receiver circuitry at a wireless device
31 8,923,289 Communicating tone information in a network
32 8,923,258 Techniques for autonomous wireless network infrastructure assisted location resolution
33 8,923,252 Device, system and method of communicating during a contention based access period
34 8,923,246 Optimization of data handover to wireless wide area networks
35 8,923,210 Small data communications in a wireless communication network
36 8,923,173 Method and apparatus for enhanced uplink multiplexing
37 8,923,153 Techniques to update a wireless communication channel estimation
38 8,923,030 On-die programmable fuses
39 8,922,291 Differential transmission line shielded by two or more spaced groups of shields
40 8,922,253 Hybrid phase-locked loops
41 8,922,252 Threshold voltage dependent power-gate driver
42 8,922,178 Temperature dependent voltage regulator
43 8,921,830 Forming a non-planar transistor having a quantum well channel
44 8,920,934 Hybrid solder and filled paste in microelectronic packaging
45 8,920,919 Thermal interface material composition including polymeric matrix and carbon filler