Intel patents granted on 30 January 2007

39 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,171,688 System, method and computer program for the detection and restriction of the network activity of denial of service attack software
2 7,171,639 Comparison of circuit layout designs
3 7,171,637 Translation generation for a mask pattern
4 7,171,634 Processing and verifying retimed sequential elements in a circuit design
5 7,171,604 Method and apparatus for calculating cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on data using a programmable CRC engine
6 7,171,547 Method and apparatus to save processor architectural state for later process resumption
7 7,171,545 Predictive filtering of register cache entry
8 7,171,543 Method and apparatus for executing a 32-bit application by confining the application to a 32-bit address space subset in a 64-bit processor
9 7,171,510 On-chip observability buffer to observer bus traffic
10 7,171,486 Reassembly of a transmission control protocol (TCP) data stream from payloads of TCP segments of a bidirectional TCP connection
11 7,171,481 Validating a data link before its access
12 7,171,356 Low-power noise characterization over a distributed speech recognition channel
13 7,171,347 Logic verification in large systems
14 7,171,043 Image recognition using hidden markov models and coupled hidden markov models
15 7,171,042 System and method for classification of images and videos
16 7,170,949 Methods and apparatus for signaling on a differential link
17 7,170,936 Transcoding apparatus, system, and method
18 7,170,915 Anti-reflective (AR) coating for high index gain media
19 7,170,914 Optical transmitters
20 7,170,771 Method of reading a data bit including detecting conductivity of a volume of alloy exposed to an electron beam
21 7,170,753 Interface enhancement for modular platform applications
22 7,170,551 Automatic transfer of image information between imaging device and host system
23 7,170,485 Optical display device having a memory to enhance refresh operations
24 7,170,438 Decision feedback equalizer with bi-directional mode and lookup table
25 7,170,327 System and method for data retention with reduced leakage current
26 7,170,188 Package stress management
27 7,170,155 MEMS RF switch module including a vertical via
28 7,170,122 Ferroelectric polymer memory with a thick interface layer
29 7,170,120 Carbon nanotube energy well (CNEW) field effect transistor
30 7,170,098 Electronic assembly including a die having an integrated circuit and a layer of diamond to transfer heat
31 7,169,715 Forming a dielectric layer using porogens
32 7,169,687 Laser micromachining method
33 7,169,650 Semi-solid metal injection methods for electronic assembly thermal interface
34 7,169,631 Silicon and silicon/germanium light-emitting device, methods and systems
35 7,169,620 Method of reducing the surface roughness of spin coated polymer films
36 7,169,514 Extreme ultraviolet mask with molybdenum phase shifter
37 7,168,936 Light transparent substrate imprint tool with light blocking distal end
38 7,168,484 Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and methods
39 7,168,164 Methods for forming via shielding