Intel patents granted on 30 June 2009

33 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,555,773 Methods and apparatus to provide a platform-level network security framework
2 7,555,703 Method and apparatus for reducing false error detection in a microprocessor
3 7,555,671 Systems and methods for implementing reliability, availability and serviceability in a computer system
4 7,555,670 Clocking architecture using a bidirectional clock port
5 7,555,641 Efficient resource mapping beyond installed memory space by analysis of boot target
6 7,555,638 Method and apparatus for efficiently arranging portable executable (PE) images
7 7,555,630 Method and apparatus to provide efficient communication between multi-threaded processing elements in a processor unit
8 7,555,628 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer to an extended paging table
9 7,555,608 Techniques to manage a flow cache
10 7,555,603 Transaction manager and cache for processing agent
11 7,555,597 Direct cache access in multiple core processors
12 7,555,584 Providing additional channels for an MSL architecture
13 7,555,519 Encoded electronic mail
14 7,555,300 Base station interference control using timeslot resource management
15 7,555,018 Determining phase jitter and packet inter-arrival jitter between network end points
16 7,554,999 Compact medium access control (MAC) layer
17 7,554,975 Protocol agnostic switching
18 7,554,909 Dynamic service management for multicore processors
19 7,554,908 Techniques to manage flow control
20 7,554,808 Heat sink with thermoelectric module
21 7,554,559 Edge directed de-interlacing
22 7,554,421 Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) trampoline switch/varactor
23 7,554,384 Methods and arrangements for generating a control signal for a power converter
24 7,554,312 DC-to-DC voltage converter
25 7,554,203 Electronic assembly with stacked IC’s using two or more different connection technologies and methods of manufacture
26 7,554,198 Flexible joint methodology to attach a die on an organic substrate
27 7,554,108 Forming a semiconductor device feature using acquired parameters
28 7,553,738 Method of fabricating a microelectronic device including embedded thin film capacitor by over-etching thin film capacitor bottom electrode and microelectronic device made according to the method
29 7,553,702 Integrating a heat spreader with an interface material having reduced void size
30 7,553,687 Dual seed semiconductor photodetectors
31 7,553,681 Carbon nanotube-based stress sensor
32 7,553,386 Adhesive with differential optical properties and its application for substrate processing
33 7,553,075 Throttling memory in a computer system