Intel patents granted on 30 June 2015

44 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,072,187 Off-plane conductive line interconnects in microelectronic devices
2 9,072,115 MAC architecture in wireless communication systems supporting H-ARQ
3 9,072,090 Method and apparatus for managing a wireless network access point beacon
4 9,072,088 PUCCH resource allocation with enhanced PDCCH
5 9,072,070 Mobile wireless devices and methods of operation
6 9,072,045 Smart searching of wireless devices using device location information
7 9,072,044 Push-pull amplifier with quiescent current adjuster
8 9,071,999 Handling user plane congestion in a wireless communication network
9 9,071,976 Communication network device, communication device, method for managing communication resource allocation and method for communication resource allocation
10 9,071,934 Optimizing location system configuration exchanges through dynamic location working profiles
11 9,071,876 Providing a viewer incentive with video content
12 9,071,528 General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to implement flow control
13 9,071,399 Method for operating a transceiver circuit and transceiver circuit
14 9,071,318 Techniques for determining covariance measures based on correlation criteria
15 9,071,304 Digital-to-time converter and methods for generating phase-modulated signals
16 9,071,297 User equipment and methods for codebook subsampling for enhanced 4TX codebooks
17 9,071,281 Selective provision of error correction for memory
18 9,071,253 Compensation for digitally controlled oscillator apparatus and method
19 9,070,977 Wireless antenna array system architecture and methods to achieve 3D beam coverage
20 9,070,787 Package-on-package assembly and method
21 9,070,660 Polymer thermal interface material having enhanced thermal conductivity
22 9,070,553 Cyclic carbosilane dielectric films
23 9,070,510 Frequency tuning and step control of a digitally controlled oscillator
24 9,070,468 Magnetic state element and circuits
25 9,069,993 Apparatus, system, and method for protecting electronic devices in a virtual perimeter
26 9,069,961 Platform based verification of contents of input-output devices
27 9,069,910 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic cancellation of signal crosstalk in differential input/output channels
28 9,069,900 Method for determining whether a machine code instruction of a machine code program is executed in the machine code program
29 9,069,722 NUMA-aware scaling for network devices
30 9,069,697 Asymmetrical universal serial bus communications
31 9,069,690 Concurrent page table walker control for TLB miss handling
32 9,069,686 Digital signal processor having instruction set with one or more non-linear functions using reduced look-up table with exponentially varying step-size
33 9,069,685 Digital signal processor having instruction set with one or more non-linear functions using reduced look-up table
34 9,069,672 Extended fast memory access in a multiprocessor computer system
35 9,069,671 Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
36 9,069,670 Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
37 9,069,637 Dynamic feature enhancement in client server applications and high volume server deployment with dynamic app store integration
38 9,069,605 Mechanism to schedule threads on OS-sequestered sequencers without operating system intervention
39 9,069,555 Managing power consumption in a multi-core processor
40 9,069,547 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
41 9,069,014 Wire probe assembly and forming process for die testing
42 9,068,067 Flexible underfill compositions for enhanced reliability
43 9,067,958 Scalable and high yield synthesis of transition metal bis-diazabutadienes
44 9,067,342 Mold chase for integrated circuit package assembly and associated techniques and configurations