Intel patents granted on 30 November 2010

35 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,845,015 Public key media key block
2 7,845,009 Method and apparatus to detect kernel mode rootkit events through virtualization traps
3 7,844,971 Method and apparatus for detecting cross-thread stack access in multithreaded programs
4 7,844,946 Methods and apparatus to form a transactional objective instruction construct from lock-based critical sections
5 7,844,876 Temperature sampling in electronic devices
6 7,844,854 Opportunistic transmission of computing system state information within a link based computing system
7 7,844,840 Arrangements for integrated circuit power management
8 7,844,809 Verifying a trusted SMI handler
9 7,844,801 Method and apparatus for affinity-guided speculative helper threads in chip multiprocessors
10 7,844,777 Cache for a host controller to store command header information
11 7,844,767 Method for identifying bad lanes and exchanging width capabilities of two CSI agents connected across a link
12 7,844,760 Schedule and data caching for wireless transmission
13 7,844,753 Techniques to process integrity validation values of received network protocol units
14 7,844,655 System, method and apparatus for multiplying large numbers in a single iteration using graphs
15 7,844,614 Apparatus and method for enhanced revocation of direct proof and direct anonymous attestation
16 7,844,289 Method and apparatus for synchronization of base stations in a broadband wireless access system
17 7,844,266 Wireless network roaming timer method and apparatus
18 7,844,234 Device, system, and method of providing biasing power
19 7,844,187 Optical communications circuit current management
20 7,843,952 Efficient handling of HTTP traffic
21 7,843,874 Configurable and flexible wireless link adaptation method and device
22 7,843,872 Methods and arrangements to determine a reception of a signal
23 7,843,865 System and method for controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls
24 7,843,562 Detection of biomolecules using porous biosensors and Raman spectroscopy
25 7,843,304 Grounding of magnetic cores
26 7,843,184 Power supply with separate line regulation and load regulation
27 7,843,075 Apparatus and methods of forming an interconnect between a workpiece and substrate
28 7,843,070 Nanotube and metal composite interconnects
29 7,843,057 Method of making a fiber reinforced printed circuit board panel and a fiber reinforced panel made according to the method
30 7,843,036 Enhanced on-chip decoupling capacitors and method of making same
31 7,842,983 Boundaries with elevated deuterium levels
32 7,842,553 Cooling micro-channels
33 7,842,537 Stressed semiconductor using carbon and method for producing the same
34 7,841,080 Multi-chip packaging using an interposer with through-vias
35 7,841,070 Method of fabricating a transformer device