Intel patents granted on 30 October 2007

43 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,290,254 Combining compilation and instruction set translation
2 7,290,179 System and method for soft error handling
3 7,290,178 Methods and apparatus to enable code-based bus performance analysis
4 7,290,172 Computer system maintenance and diagnostics techniques
5 7,290,166 Rollback of data
6 7,290,161 Reducing CPU and bus power when running in power-save modes
7 7,290,160 Method and apparatus to deskew data to clock for memory
8 7,290,155 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically configuring the operating point utilized for thermal management of an integrated circuit
9 7,290,127 System and method of remotely initializing a local processor
10 7,290,123 System, device and method of maintaining in an array loop iteration data related to branch entries of a loop detector
11 7,290,114 Sharing data in a user virtual address range with a kernel virtual address range
12 7,290,104 Increasing code separation between applications
13 7,290,098 Method and apparatus for interleaving data streams
14 7,290,093 Cache memory to support a processor’s power mode of operation
15 7,290,076 Optmizing an interrupt-latency or a polling rate for a hardware platform and network profile combination by adjusting current timer values for both receive and transmit directions of traffic and calculating a new timer value to be used for both receive and transmit directions of traffic
16 7,290,059 Apparatus and method for scalable server load balancing
17 7,290,024 Methods and apparatus for performing mathematical operations using scaled integers
18 7,289,945 Analyzing interconnect structures
19 7,289,922 Jitter decomposition for high speed serial interfaces
20 7,289,806 Method and apparatus for context enabled search
21 7,289,770 Compact feedback for closed loop MIMO
22 7,289,585 Multicarrier receivers and methods for separating transmitted signals in a multiple antenna system
23 7,289,568 Spectrum management apparatus, method, and system
24 7,289,557 Adaptive equalization using a conditional update sign-sign least mean square algorithm
25 7,289,525 Inverse multiplexing of managed traffic flows over a multi-star network
26 7,289,518 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a wireless network station
27 7,289,455 Network statistics
28 7,289,445 Managing a protocol control block cache in a network device
29 7,289,382 Rewritable fuse memory
30 7,289,198 Process compensation for step and scan lithography
31 7,289,176 Single panel, active matrix, full color, cholesteric LCD cell configuration
32 7,289,064 Compact multi-band, multi-port antenna
33 7,289,056 Wireless communication system and method of operating in the presence of a radar system
34 7,288,996 Apparatus and method reducing non-linearity in an output signal of an amplifier device
35 7,288,895 System to improve display efficiency based on recycling local heat source
36 7,288,752 CMOS radiation-measuring circuit with a variable threshold
37 7,288,472 Method and system for performing die attach using a flame
38 7,288,460 Capacitor having an anodic metal oxide substrate
39 7,288,459 Organic substrates with integral thin-film capacitors, methods of making same, and systems containing same
40 7,288,438 Solder deposition on wafer backside for thin-die thermal interface material
41 7,288,344 Accommodating diffraction in the printing of features on a substrate
42 7,288,300 Fullerenes to increase radiation resistance in polymer-based pellicles
43 7,288,299 Fullerenes to increase radiation resistance in polymer-based pellicles