Intel patents granted on 30 September 2014

42 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,169 System method and for generating video frames and correcting motion
2 8,850,483 Method and apparatus for purchasing upgraded media features for programming transmissions
3 8,850,456 Extended dynamic optimization of connection establishment and message progress processing in a multi-fabric message passing interface implementation
4 8,850,439 Storage subsystem device driver scheduling I/O servicing according to priority of identified process
5 8,850,404 Relational modeling for performance analysis of multi-core processors using virtual tasks
6 8,850,258 Calibration for source-synchronous high frequency bus synchronization schemes
7 8,850,254 Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller
8 8,850,250 Integration of processor and input/output hub
9 8,850,249 Enabling idle states for a component associated with an interconnect
10 8,850,247 Power management for a system on a chip (SoC)
11 8,850,220 Method and apparatus with chipset-based protection for local and remote authentication of booting from peripheral devices
12 8,850,204 Multi-band/multi-link secure key generation and delivery protocol
13 8,850,178 Method and apparatus for establishing safe processor operating points
14 8,850,165 Method and apparatus for assigning thread priority in a processor or the like
15 8,850,098 Direct memory access (DMA) address translation between peer input/output (I/O) devices
16 8,850,081 Method, system and apparatus for handling events for partitions in a socket with sub-socket partitioning
17 8,850,057 Healthcare semantic interoperability platform
18 8,850,040 Partially replicated, locally searched peer to peer file sharing system
19 8,849,993 Method and apparatus for rate limiting
20 8,849,674 Voice interface to NFC applications
21 8,849,340 Methods and devices for reducing interference in an uplink
22 8,849,295 Wireless device channel selection using dynamic channel allocation
23 8,849,188 Detecting sub-meter region of interest using radio signals
24 8,848,858 Integrated non-volatile monotonic counters
25 8,848,850 Pulse width modulation receiver circuitry
26 8,848,847 Sampling receiver with inherent mixer functionality
27 8,848,846 Receiver
28 8,848,841 Techniques to accommodate different classes of devices in a wireless network
29 8,848,837 Statistical procedures for carrier frequency tracking
30 8,848,830 Method for providing a modulation scheme
31 8,848,775 Circuit for signal processing and method performed by such circuit
32 8,848,772 Device, system and method of phase quantization for phased array antenna
33 8,848,437 Magnetic random access memory
34 8,848,413 Low power register file
35 8,848,380 Bumpless build-up layer package warpage reduction
36 8,847,806 Digital to analog converter comprising mixer
37 8,847,685 Push-pull amplifier and differential push-pull amplifier
38 8,847,651 Apparatus, method and system for implementing a hardware interface pinout
39 8,847,633 Low voltage swing repeater
40 8,847,368 Flip chip assembly process for ultra thin substrate and package on package assembly
41 8,847,281 High mobility strained channels for fin-based transistors
42 8,846,480 Carrier mobility in surface-channel transistors, apparatus made therewith, and system containing same