Intel patents granted on 31 August 2010

36 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,788,713 Method, apparatus and system for virtualized peer-to-peer proxy services
2 7,788,670 Performance-based workload scheduling in multi-core architectures
3 7,788,653 Apparatus and methods for performing generational escape analysis in managed runtime environments
4 7,788,650 Compiler-based critical section amendment for a multiprocessor environment
5 7,788,519 Method, system, and apparatus for improving multi-core processor performance
6 7,788,494 Link key injection mechanism for personal area networks
7 7,788,475 Booting utilizing electronic mail
8 7,788,460 Defragmenting objects in a storage medium
9 7,788,392 Mechanism for universal media redirection control
10 7,788,391 Using a threshold value to control mid-interrupt polling
11 7,787,917 Folding electronic device with continuous display
12 7,787,891 Mobile station localization apparatus, systems, and methods
13 7,787,836 Multiple radios communication device and a method thereof
14 7,787,698 Sign coding and decoding
15 7,787,660 Fingerprint detecting wireless device
16 7,787,651 Triangular method for hypotheses filtration in a cognitive control framework
17 7,787,627 Methods and apparatus for providing a key management system for wireless communication networks
18 7,787,567 Beamforming by antenna puncturing
19 7,787,487 Systems and methods for contention control in wireless networks
20 7,787,470 Dynamic quality of service (QOS) provisioning using session initiation protocol (SIP) module in wireless base stations
21 7,787,418 Apparatus and method to support VoIP calls for mobile subscriber stations
22 7,787,410 Communication within a wireless network using multiple signal transmission powers
23 7,787,406 Methods and arrangements for adaptively changing snoozing intervals of wireless devices
24 7,787,403 Apparatus and method for adjusting a duty cycle to save power in a computing system
25 7,787,398 Minimizing mutual interference for multi-radio co-existence platforms
26 7,787,352 Method for processing a MEMS/CMOS cantilever based memory storage device
27 7,787,292 Carbon nanotube fuse element
28 7,787,291 Programming a multilevel phase change memory cell
29 7,786,991 Applications of interval arithmetic for reduction of number of computations in ray tracing problems
30 7,786,914 Time-interleaved delta-sigma modulator
31 7,786,769 On die signal detector without die power
32 7,786,722 Automated tray transfer device for prevention of mixing post and pre-test dies, and method of using same
33 7,786,654 Compact rake piezoelectric assembly and method of manufacturing same
34 7,785,958 Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric layer and a metal gate electrode
35 7,785,114 Modification of connections between a die package and a system board
36 7,784,178 Higher performance barrier materials for containers of environmentally sensitive semiconductor fabrication devices