Intel patents granted on 31 January 2012

20 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,108,897 Method and apparatus for displaying entertainment system data upon selection of a video data display
2 8,108,867 Preserving hardware thread cache affinity via procrastination
3 8,108,863 Load balancing for multi-threaded applications via asymmetric power throttling
4 8,108,856 Method and apparatus for adaptive integrity measurement of computer software
5 8,108,776 User interface for multimodal information system
6 8,108,761 Optimizing the size of memory devices used for error correction code storage
7 8,108,756 Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
8 8,108,676 Link key injection mechanism for personal area networks
9 8,108,670 Client apparatus and method with key manager
10 8,108,668 Associating a multi-context trusted platform module with distributed platforms
11 8,108,665 Decoupled hardware configuration manager
12 8,108,627 Array comparison and swap operations
13 8,108,584 Use of completer knowledge of memory region ordering requirements to modify transaction attributes
14 8,108,542 Method and apparatus to determine broadcast content and scheduling in a broadcast system
15 8,108,324 Forward feature selection for support vector machines
16 8,107,879 Device, system, and method of establishing multiple wireless connections
17 8,107,510 Method and apparatus for non-cooperative coexistence between wireless communication protocols
18 8,106,440 Selective high-k dielectric film deposition for semiconductor device
19 8,105,848 Programmable electromagnetic array for molecule transport
20 8,104,172 Method buffer coating having a physical mixture of high toughness polymer and a low shrinkage polymer