Intel patents granted on 31 January 2017

66 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Intel

1 9,560,760 Reduction of resonance in connectors
2 9,560,690 Interrupted handoff reconnection for licensed shared access
3 9,560,684 Mitigation of traffic congestion in dual connectivity systems
4 9,560,590 Discontinuous reception (DRX) controller and method for DRX operation
5 9,560,574 User equipment and method for transmit power control for D2D tranmissions
6 9,560,571 Method for performing mobile communications and mobile radio communication terminal device
7 9,560,560 User equipment and methods for handover using measurement reporting based on multiple events
8 9,560,558 Reduced handover latency for licensed shared access
9 9,560,522 Tap-to-wake and tap-to-login near field communication (NFC) device
10 9,560,512 Reporting of user plane congestion (UPCON) using a UPCON container
11 9,560,487 Method and apparatus for wireless location tracking
12 9,560,382 Method and apparatus for adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
13 9,560,326 Technologies for projecting a proportionally corrected image
14 9,560,143 System and method for automatic session data transfer between computing devices based on zone transition detection
15 9,560,117 Low latency cluster computing
16 9,560,078 Technologies for scalable security architecture of virtualized networks
17 9,560,044 Gesture-based signature authentication
18 9,559,960 Network congestion management
19 9,559,953 Path splitting with a connection-oriented network
20 9,559,905 Type-C retimer state machine and a protocol for inband control and configuration
21 9,559,884 Co-phasing of transmissions from multiple infrastructure nodes
22 9,559,878 Phase adjustment circuit for clock and data recovery circuit
23 9,559,851 Secure pairing for secure communication across devices
24 9,559,848 Method, apparatus, and instructions for safely storing secrets in system memory
25 9,559,810 Methods and arrangements for a check sequence
26 9,559,761 Proximity-based services discovery privacy
27 9,559,726 Use of error correcting code to carry additional data bits
28 9,559,719 Single amplifer bi-quad sigma-delta modulator
29 9,559,698 Spintronic logic element
30 9,559,578 Apparatus and system for generating a signal with phase angle configuration
31 9,559,445 Card edge connectors
32 9,559,434 Method for closed-loop tuner in a receiver antenna
33 9,559,419 Reflector and a multi band antenna
34 9,559,215 Method and apparatus for making p-channel thin film transistors for OLED and LED active matrix flat panel displays
35 9,559,160 Common-substrate semiconductor devices having nanowires or semiconductor bodies with differing material orientation or composition
36 9,559,146 Phase-change memory cell implant for dummy array leakage reduction
37 9,559,088 Multi-chip package having a substrate with a plurality of vertically embedded die and a process of forming the same
38 9,559,060 Method of forming stacked trench contacts and structures formed thereby
39 9,559,037 Package integrated synthetic jet device
40 9,558,947 Pattern decomposition lithography techniques
41 9,558,807 Apparatuses and systems for increasing a speed of removal of data stored in a memory cell
42 9,558,560 Connected component labeling in graphics processors
43 9,558,389 Reliable fingertip and palm detection
44 9,558,378 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
45 9,558,330 Technologies for digital rights managment of 3D printable models
46 9,558,148 Method to optimize network data flows within a constrained system
47 9,558,146 IWARP RDMA read extensions
48 9,558,145 Method, apparatus and system for measuring latency in a physical unit of a circuit
49 9,558,144 Serial bus electrical termination control
50 9,558,142 Split transaction protocol for a bus system
51 9,558,132 Socket management with reduced latency packet processing
52 9,558,127 Instruction and logic for a cache prefetcher and dataless fill buffer
53 9,558,121 Two-level cache locking mechanism
54 9,558,120 Method, apparatus and system to cache sets of tags of an off-die cache memory
55 9,558,118 Tracing mechanism for recording shared memory interleavings on multi-core processors
56 9,558,066 Exchanging ECC metadata between memory and host system
57 9,558,030 Method, apparatus, and system to handle transactions received after a configuration change request
58 9,558,006 Continuous automatic tuning of code regions
59 9,558,005 Reliable and deterministic live migration of virtual machines
60 9,557,998 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing delta decoding on packed data elements
61 9,557,953 Private image viewer
62 9,557,819 Gesture input with multiple views, displays and physics
63 9,557,804 Dynamic power limit sharing in a platform
64 9,557,778 Hinge for a device
65 9,557,226 Current-mode digital temperature sensor apparatus
66 9,555,597 Foam core chassis