Intel patents granted on 31 July 2012

19 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,234,697 Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
2 8,234,556 Broadcast receiver and method for optimizing a scale factor for a log-likelihood mapper
3 8,234,537 Layered decoder and method for performing layered decoding
4 8,234,277 Image-based retrieval for high quality visual or acoustic rendering
5 8,233,939 Multiuser sector micro diversity system
6 8,233,912 Mobile station localization apparatus, systems, and methods
7 8,233,854 Polar modulator and method for generating a polar-modulated signal
8 8,233,671 Reading device with hierarchal navigation
9 8,233,551 Adjustable transmitter power for high speed links with constant bit error rate
10 8,233,506 Correlation technique for determining relative times of arrival/departure of core input/output packets within a multiple link-based computing system
11 8,233,495 Discovery channel and discovery beacon for peer-to-peer devices in wireless communications network
12 8,233,470 Multi-radio wireless communication device method for synchronizing wireless network and bluetooth communications
13 8,233,418 Mobile station and method for dynamically switching sleep cycles without deactivating a current power savings class (PSC)
14 8,233,373 Double electrode cantilever actuation for seek-scan-probe data access
15 8,233,210 Illumination aperture for optical lithography
16 8,232,925 Impedance tuning of transmitting and receiving antennas
17 8,232,774 Battery charge management using a scheduling application
18 8,232,588 Increasing the surface area of a memory cell capacitor
19 8,230,589 Method of mounting an optical device