Intel patents granted on 31 May 2011

30 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,954,038 Fault detection
2 7,954,001 Nibble de-skew method, apparatus, and system
3 7,953,993 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state
4 7,953,980 Signed manifest for run-time verification of software program identity and integrity
5 7,953,936 Hiding conflict, coherence completion and transaction ID elements of a coherence protocol
6 7,953,917 Communications protocol expander
7 7,953,916 Dynamic, local retriggered interrupt routing discovery method
8 7,953,902 Negotiable exchange of link layer functional parameters in electronic systems having components interconnected by a point-to-point network
9 7,953,894 Providing aggregated directory structure
10 7,953,863 Techniques for timing optimization in wireless networks that utilize a universal services interface
11 7,953,852 Method and system for detecting and reducing botnet activity
12 7,953,685 Frequent pattern array
13 7,953,646 System and method for automated auctioning of web services
14 7,953,221 Method for processing multiple operations
15 7,953,171 Training symbol format for adaptively power loaded MIMO
16 7,953,158 Computation transformations for streaming applications on multiprocessors
17 7,952,982 Data storage medium, data storage device containing same, and method of manufacturing data storage device containing same
18 7,952,941 Method and apparatus for reducing leakage in bit lines of a memory device
19 7,952,647 Method and apparatus of content adaptive detailing filtering for digital pictures
20 7,952,646 Method and apparatus for content adaptive spatial-temporal motion adaptive noise reduction
21 7,952,643 Pipelining techniques for deinterlacing video information
22 7,952,574 Apparatus and method for a frustum culling algorithm suitable for hardware implementation
23 7,952,212 Applications of smart polymer composites to integrated circuit packaging
24 7,952,203 Methods of forming C4 round dimple metal stud bumps for fine pitch packaging applications and structures formed thereby
25 7,952,202 Method of embedding passive component within via
26 7,952,194 Silicon interposer-based hybrid voltage regulator system for VLSI devices
27 7,952,190 Fabrication of microelectronic devices
28 7,952,182 Semiconductor device with package to package connection
29 7,952,160 Packaged voltage regulator and inductor array
30 7,951,673 Forming abrupt source drain metal gate transistors