Intel patents granted on 31 May 2016

66 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D757,567 Watch
2 9,357,582 Simultaneous secondary-cell release for licensed shared access
3 9,357,576 Automatic pairing for portable computing devices
4 9,357,513 User equipment reallocation between nodes
5 9,357,495 Systems and methods for dynamically allocating power budgets for operation of wireless modules
6 9,357,474 Device and method for public land mobile network searching
7 9,357,463 Techniques and systems for extended discontinuous reception
8 9,357,437 Methods and arrangements for communications in low power wireless networks
9 9,357,433 Reducing interference in collocated radios
10 9,357,383 Hash key generation apparatus and method for multiple cards communication system
11 9,357,272 Device orientation capability exchange signaling and server adaptation of multimedia content in response to device orientation
12 9,357,236 Color compression using a selective color transform
13 9,357,174 System and method for avatar management and selection
14 9,356,982 System and method for transferring playlists
15 9,356,979 Time and frequency synchronization for LTE-advanced new carrier type
16 9,356,969 Technologies for multi-factor security analysis and runtime control
17 9,356,844 Efficient application recognition in network traffic
18 9,356,791 Method for determining active communication sessions, communication session information servers, method for providing information about active communication sessions and document management servers
19 9,356,741 Method and system to improve link budget of a wireless system
20 9,356,724 Signaling for downlink coordinated multipoint in a wireless communication system
21 9,356,631 Systems and methods for enhancing probability of internal measurements in crowded environments
22 9,356,630 Wireless display performance enhancement
23 9,356,558 Circuit, integrated circuit, receiver, transceiver and a method for amplifying an input signal
24 9,356,372 Techniques to convert signals routed through a fabric cable assembly
25 9,356,099 Techniques for forming contacts to quantum well transistors
26 9,356,023 Planar device on fin-based transistor architecture
27 9,356,013 Semiconductor devices and arrangements for electrostatic (ESD) protection
28 9,355,952 Device packaging with substrates having embedded lines and metal defined pads
29 9,355,790 Energy storage devices having enhanced specific energy and associated methods
30 9,355,694 Assist circuit for memory
31 9,355,693 Memory receiver circuit for use with memory of different characteristics
32 9,355,688 Adaptive voltage input to a charge pump
33 9,355,490 Minimum-maximum filtering of graphical texture data
34 9,355,489 Land grid array socket for electro-optical modules
35 9,355,465 Dynamic programmable texture sampler for flexible filtering of graphical texture data
36 9,355,356 Apparatus and methods for capturing and generating user experiences
37 9,355,262 Modifying memory permissions in a secure processing environment
38 9,355,249 Securing thermal management parameters in firmware from cyber attack
39 9,355,242 Method and apparatus for managing and accessing personal data
40 9,355,068 Vector multiplication with operand base system conversion and re-conversion
41 9,355,058 High performance interconnect physical layer
42 9,355,057 Universal serial bus repeater
43 9,355,053 PCIe SMBus slave address self-selection
44 9,355,048 Method for implementing secure data channel between processor and devices
45 9,354,973 Data integrity management in memory systems
46 9,354,933 Remote direct memory access adapter state migration in a virtual environment
47 9,354,910 Method for certification of reconfigurable radio equipment when reconfiguration software developed by third party
48 9,354,882 Methods and apparatus to manage partial-commit checkpoints with fixup support
49 9,354,881 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for generating a dependency vector based on two source writemask registers
50 9,354,878 Last branch record register for storing taken branch information and transactional memory transaction indicator to be used in transaction execution analysis
51 9,354,877 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing mask bit compression
52 9,354,875 Enhanced loop streaming detector to drive logic optimization
53 9,354,844 Method and apparatus for iteratively calculating a value
54 9,354,696 Credit based power management
55 9,354,694 Controlling processor consumption using on-off keying having a maximum off time
56 9,354,692 Enabling a non-core domain to control memory bandwidth in a processor
57 9,354,689 Providing energy efficient turbo operation of a processor
58 9,354,681 Protected power management mode in a processor
59 9,354,679 System and method for causing reduced power consumption associated with thermal remediation
60 9,354,668 Hinge assembly
61 9,354,447 Head mounted information systems and related methods
62 9,354,446 Modular heads-up display system removable from a headgear frame
63 9,354,404 Datacenter optics (DCO) edge mount transceiver assembly and plug connector
64 9,354,273 Composite wire probe test assembly
65 9,354,195 Highly selective coated-electrode nanogap transducers for the detection of redox molecules
66 9,353,560 Smart variable torque display