LG Display patents granted on 04 November 2014

18 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to LG Display

1 8,879,039 Liquid crystal display device having second metal patern connected to plurality of first metal patterns through contact holes
2 8,879,029 Method of fabricating color filter substrate for liquid crystal display device
3 8,879,025 Transparent display device and electronic apparatus having the same
4 8,879,022 Liquid crystal display device for minimizing inferiority by external and method of making thereof
5 8,879,021 Liquid crystal display device
6 8,879,012 Array substrate having a shielding pattern, and a liquid crystal display device having the same
7 8,878,842 Stereoscopic image display device and method for driving the same
8 8,878,814 Liquid crystal display device provided with a sensing electrode for sensing a touch of a user
9 8,878,765 Gate shift register and display device using the same
10 8,878,748 Stereoscopic image display capable of selectively implementing a two-dimensional plane image and a three-dimensional stereoscopic image
11 8,878,181 Oxide thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
12 8,878,171 Organic light emitting display device
13 8,877,573 Thin film transistor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
14 8,877,570 Array substrate with improved pad region and method for manufacturing the same
15 8,877,547 Thin film transistor including organic semiconductor layer and substrate including the same
16 8,877,533 Method of manufacturing oxide thin film transistor and display device
17 8,876,998 Method for manufacturing flexible flat device
18 8,876,358 Display apparatus