LG Display patents granted on 06 September 2016

9 US patents granted on 06 September 2016 and assigned to LG Display

1 9,437,746 Thin film transistor substrate having metal oxide semiconductor and method for manufacturing the same
2 9,437,660 Organic light-emitting diode display panel
3 9,437,167 Organic light-emitting display device having a high aperture raatio and driving method thereof
4 9,436,331 Display device
5 9,436,224 Display device and method for sensing a bending of the device
6 9,436,223 Display device having cover glass substrate
7 9,436,051 Display device
8 9,436,049 Flat display panel having narrow bezel
9 9,433,965 Sealant forming apparatus, sealant forming method, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same