LG Display patents granted on 10 February 2015

12 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to LG Display

1 8,953,737 Shift register
2 8,953,133 In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
3 8,953,110 Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
4 8,953,025 Align mark of stereoscopic image display, aligning method and system using the align mark
5 8,952,948 Liquid crystal display device
6 8,952,942 Image display device capable of implementing 2D image and 3D image and driving method thereof
7 8,952,918 Display device
8 8,952,913 Display device and driving method thereof
9 8,952,872 Stereoscopic image display including 3D filter with improved voltage driving
10 8,952,248 Dye-sensitized solar cell module and method of fabricating the same
11 8,951,085 Method of fabricating flexible display device
12 8,951,084 Method of fabricating lightweight and thin liquid crystal display, and processing line for fabricating liquid crystal display