LG Display patents granted on 10 January 2017

15 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to LG Display

1 9,544,994 Flexible display device with side crack protection structure and manufacturing method for the same
2 9,543,544 Organic light emitting display
3 9,543,527 Red phosphorescent compound and organic light emitting diode device using the same
4 9,543,394 Quantum rod and method of fabricating the same
5 9,543,371 Transparent display device having a minimized bezel
6 9,542,891 Organic electroluminescence display and driving method thereof
7 9,542,883 Device and method for controlling brightness of organic light emitting diode display
8 9,542,873 Organic light emitting display for sensing electrical characteristics of driving element
9 9,542,030 Display device with integrated touch screen having varied touch driving time and method of driving the same
10 9,542,026 Display device and driving method thereof
11 9,541,900 Method for producing a beam shaping holographic optical element
12 9,541,807 Flexible display device
13 9,541,780 Curved surface backlight unit and curved surface display device including the same
14 9,541,688 Polarization film having black strip for applying to a patterned retarder type 3D display device
15 9,540,564 Quantum rod and method of fabricating the same