LG Display patents granted on 12 January 2016

16 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to LG Display

1 RE45,841 Thin-film transistor and method of making same
2 9,237,628 Organic light emitting display device
3 9,237,299 Display apparatus
4 9,236,534 Light emitting diode package, light source module and backlight unit including the same
5 9,236,495 Oxide thin film transistor, method for fabricating TFT, display device having TFT, and method for fabricating the same
6 9,236,485 Thin film transistor substrate and liquid crystal display device using the same
7 9,236,451 Method of fabricating array substrate using dry etching process of silicon nitride
8 9,236,420 Flexible organic light-emitting display device and method for manufacturing the same
9 9,236,419 Organic light emitting display device having electrodes of subpixels with different thicknesses and method of manufacturing the same
10 9,236,399 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
11 9,236,025 Display device and method for driving the same
12 9,236,011 Organic light emitting diode display device for pixel current sensing in the sensing mode and pixel current sensing method thereof
13 9,236,002 Stereoscopic image display and driving method thereof
14 9,235,085 Liquid crystal display device
15 9,234,997 Liquid crystal display device and assembly method thereof
16 9,234,789 Optical sensing frame and display device therewith