LG Display patents granted on 22 April 2014

12 US patents granted on 22 April 2014 and assigned to LG Display

1 8,707,115 Micro controller, driving method thereof and display device using the same
2 8,704,991 Liquid crystal display device capable of compensatng for a resistance variation in a link unit
3 8,704,986 Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device with first to third subpixels driven in a TN mode and a fourth subpixel driven in ECB mode
4 8,704,973 Optical sheet, backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
5 8,704,964 Liquid crystal display device
6 8,704,962 Touch sensing type liquid crystal display device comprising a touch sensing unit that includes X and Y direction sensing lines and a plurality of touch blocks
7 8,704,883 3D image display device and driving method thereof
8 8,704,880 Optical measuring apparatus and method of stereoscopic display device
9 8,704,788 Electrostatic capacity type touch screen panel and method of manufacturing the same
10 8,704,746 Liquid crystal display having a voltage stabilization circuit and driving method thereof
11 8,703,554 Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
12 8,703,394 Method for forming thin film pattern and flat display device having the same