LG Display patents granted on 26 November 2013

15 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to LG Display

1 8,593,612 Liquid crystal display panel cutting system and method and liquid crystal display device fabricating method using the same
2 8,593,606 Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
3 8,593,600 Liquid crystal panel fabrication method
4 8,593,595 Color filter using surface plasmon and liquid crystal display device
5 8,593,588 Liquid crystal display device with uniform luminance
6 8,593,479 Method of correcting preferred color and display device using the same
7 8,593,440 Liquid crystal display
8 8,593,392 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
9 8,593,388 Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
10 8,593,057 Organic electroluminescent display device
11 8,593,056 Electroluminescent device
12 8,592,828 Organic light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
13 8,592,820 Layers and patterns of nanowire or carbon nanotube using chemical self assembly and fabricating method in liquid crystal display device thereby
14 8,592,238 Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
15 8,592,237 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor including forming bus line patterns in a substrate and filling with metal