LG Display patents granted on 31 May 2016

9 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to LG Display

1 9,357,638 Flexible display device and fabrication method thereof
2 9,356,087 Flexible display device with bridged wire traces
3 9,356,081 Organic light emitting display device
4 9,356,078 High aperture ratio organic light emitting diode display having double bank structure
5 9,355,614 Image quality processing method and display device using the same
6 9,355,455 Image data processing method and stereoscopic image display using the same
7 9,354,693 Touch screen device, touch screen display device using the same, and driving method thereof
8 9,354,460 Detachment apparatus having arched drum pad and method for fabricating lightweight, thin liquid crystal display device using the same
9 9,354,453 Stereoscopic image display device and method for manufacturing the same