LG Electronics patents granted on 01 December 2015

62 US patents granted on 01 December 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 9,204,480 Direct link setup method in tunneled direct link setup wireless network and station supporting the method
2 9,204,476 Method and apparatus for direct communications in a wireless communication system
3 9,204,461 Method for random access to uplink in multi-carrier aggregation environment
4 9,204,443 Method for channel switching in wireless personal area network and apparatus for same
5 9,204,435 Method and apparatus of downlink subchannelization in wireless communication system
6 9,204,431 Method of transmitting control information and device for same
7 9,204,427 Method of mapping physical resource to logical resource in wireless communication system
8 9,204,404 Device for controlling uplink transmission power and a method for the same
9 9,204,340 Server for control plane at mobile communication network and method for controlling SIPTO based session
10 9,204,330 Method and apparatus for generating traffic indicator map in wireless communication system
11 9,204,199 Image display apparatus and methods for operating the same
12 9,204,197 Electronic device and method for providing contents recommendation service
13 9,204,191 Display device and method of providing VOD service thereof
14 9,204,182 Method of receiving a broadcasting signal and receiving system for receiving a broadcasting signal
15 9,204,125 Receiving system and method of processing data
16 9,204,077 Display device and control method thereof
17 9,204,026 Mobile terminal and method of controlling an image photographing therein
18 9,203,948 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
19 9,203,942 Mobile communication device
20 9,203,635 Method and apparatus for broadcasting a MAC control message in wireless access system
21 9,203,595 Efficient initial access system under a multi-carrier combination condition for supporting broadband
22 9,203,591 Apparatus and method for performing inter-cell interference coordination in a wireless communication system
23 9,203,586 Method for transmitting and receiving data unit based on uplink multiple user multiple input multiple output transmission and apparatus for the same
24 9,203,569 Method for transmitting pilot for multiple carrier system
25 9,203,532 Station operation method and apparatus in TV whitespace
26 9,203,502 Method for prioritizing operation of relay node in a wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
27 9,203,490 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel status information in wireless communication system
28 9,203,457 Method for terminal transmitting/receiving signal in base station coordination wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
29 9,203,255 Control method for electric vehicle
30 9,202,948 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
31 D744,704 Washing machine
32 D744,548 Shelf for refrigerator
33 D744,513 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
34 D744,500 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
35 D744,469 Display for mobile phone
36 D744,468 Mobile phone
37 D744,466 Mobile phone
38 D744,465 Mobile phone
39 D744,460 Television receiver
40 D744,453 Speaker
41 D744,450 Mobile phone
42 D744,449 Mobile phone
43 D744,447 Mobile phone
44 D744,446 Television receiver
45 D744,445 Television receiver
46 D744,444 Television receiver
47 D744,443 Television receiver
48 D744,442 Television receiver
49 D744,438 Television receiver
50 9,201,590 Method and electronic device for gesture-based key input
51 9,201,586 Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
52 9,201,505 Input device and image display apparatus including the same
53 9,201,470 Mobile terminal and three-dimensional (3D) multi-angle view controlling method thereof
54 9,201,134 Positioning method and apparatus in wireless communication system
55 9,200,920 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
56 9,200,841 Clothes dryer
57 9,200,838 Laundry machine having a drying function
58 9,200,837 Laundry machine having a drying function
59 9,200,830 Refrigerator including multiple storage compartments
60 9,200,814 Ventilating apparatus
61 9,200,401 Method for controlling laundry treating apparatus
62 9,198,585 Mobile terminal and method of measuring bioelectric signals thereof