LG Electronics patents granted on 01 June 2010

25 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D616,900 DVD player
2 D616,858 Mobile phone
3 D616,841 PDP television receiver
4 7,730,386 Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
5 7,729,721 Antenna integrated speaker assembly, manufacturing method thereof, and wireless communication device having the same
6 7,729,595 Recording medium having a data structure for managing reproduction of text subtitle data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
7 7,729,594 Recording medium and method and apparatus for reproducing text subtitle stream including presentation segments encapsulated into PES packet
8 7,729,424 Apparatus and method for judging lost block characteristic in video processing system
9 7,729,377 Method for scheduling distributed virtual resource blocks
10 7,729,335 Providing traffic information relating to a prediction of congestion status and using the same
11 7,729,334 Apparatus and method for transmitting data blocks based on priority
12 7,729,304 Point-to-multipoint service medium access control entity structure
13 7,729,282 Home network system and its configuration system
14 7,729,237 Method of transmitting reference signal and transmitter using the same
15 7,729,232 Method of transmitting and receiving data using superposition modulation in a wireless communication system
16 7,729,208 Recording medium, and method and apparatus for reformatting the same
17 7,728,869 Matching camera-photographed image with map data in portable terminal and travel route guidance method
18 7,728,481 Laminated body of motor and manufacturing method thereof
19 7,726,324 Dishwasher
20 7,726,158 Damper pin in drum type washing machine
21 7,726,157 Clothing managing apparatus
22 7,726,149 Refrigerator
23 7,726,141 Refrigerator, and method for controlling operation of the same
24 7,726,025 Structure for preventing refrigerant from leaking in heat exchanger and method for forming the same
25 7,725,988 Hinge assembly and mobile device having the same