LG Electronics patents granted on 01 November 2016

48 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE46,194 DTV television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in DTV transmitter/receiver
2 D770,709 Vacuum cleaner
3 D770,707 Washing machine
4 D770,706 Washing machine
5 D770,554 Portable beam projector
6 D770,455 Bluetooth dongle
7 D770,434 Case for cellular phone
8 D770,430 Core for mobile phone
9 D770,407 TV receiver
10 D770,305 Wearable device
11 9,485,769 Method and apparatus for determining operating channel in wireless communication system
12 9,485,764 Method and apparatus for encoding transport block
13 9,485,763 Method and user equipment for receiving downlink signal and method and base station for transmitting downlink signal
14 9,485,760 Aperiodic transmission method and apparatus for sounding reference signal in wireless communication system
15 9,485,758 Method and apparatus for uplink transmission
16 9,485,757 Method and apparatus for transmitting periodic channel state information in wireless communication system
17 9,485,756 Data transmission method and device in wireless communication system
18 9,485,731 Method and device for accessing channel in wireless LAN system
19 9,485,722 Method of searching code sequence in mobile communication system
20 9,485,720 Method and device for controlling identification of a cell in communication system
21 9,485,719 Method and device for searching for supported service through WiFi direct network
22 9,485,716 Method and apparatus for low-power scanning in WLAN system
23 9,485,710 Method for controlling access in wireless communication system and apparatus for supporting same
24 9,485,663 Method and apparatus for selecting a carrier in a wireless communication system
25 9,485,641 Method for briefing a schedule in a mobile communication terminal
26 9,485,521 Encoding and decoding image using sample adaptive offset with start band indicator
27 9,485,490 Broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method thereof
28 9,485,489 Broadcasting receiver and method for displaying 3D images
29 9,485,448 Method for receiving a broadcast signal and broadcast receiver
30 9,485,384 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
31 9,485,348 Mobile terminal and communication method thereof
32 9,485,341 Terminal device and method for controlling the same
33 9,485,110 Apparatus for alerting an emergency via broadcast signal transmission/reception and method for alerting an emergency via broadcast signal transmission/reception
34 9,485,065 Method and base station for transmitting downstream link data, and method and user device for receiving downstream link data
35 9,485,052 Method for detecting control information in wireless communication system
36 9,484,993 Broadcast signal transmitter/receiver and broadcast signal transmitting/receiving method
37 9,484,992 Method and apparatus for performing antenna virtualization using polarimetric antenna in a wireless communication system
38 9,484,066 Image display device and control method thereof
39 9,484,039 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
40 9,483,501 Mobile terminal and a method of controlling the mobile terminal
41 9,483,160 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
42 9,483,081 Mobile terminal
43 9,483,078 Mobile terminal
44 9,483,074 Watch type mobile terminal and mobile terminal system having the same
45 9,482,897 Planar lighting device
46 9,482,459 Refrigerator with sealed state maintaining device for drawer
47 9,481,246 Vehicle control apparatus and method thereof
48 9,480,345 Showcase including transparent display panel, and showcase system including same