LG Electronics patents granted on 02 August 2016

63 US patents granted on 02 August 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE46,091 Oil level detecting device for a compressor and an air conditioning system having the same
2 D762,833 Air filter for air conditioner
3 D762,674 Display of a mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
4 D762,629 Mobile phone
5 D762,628 Cellular phone
6 D762,627 Cellular phone
7 D762,625 Stand for TV receiver
8 D762,620 Speaker with supplementary battery
9 D762,617 Wireless headset
10 D762,611 Cellular phone
11 D762,610 Cellular phone
12 D762,609 Cellular phone
13 D762,608 Cellular phone
14 D762,607 Cellular phone
15 D762,606 Mobile phone
16 D762,603 TV receiver
17 D762,602 TV receiver
18 D762,601 TV receiver
19 D762,571 Wireless charger for headset
20 D762,416 Microwave oven
21 D762,415 Oven range
22 9,408,236 Method for distributing random access, method for distributing and performing random access, and device therefor
23 9,408,229 Method for controlling radio resource allocation in mobile communication system
24 9,408,227 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving channel information in wireless communication system
25 9,408,200 Method for receiving uplink signal, base station, method for transmitting uplink signal and user equipment
26 9,408,185 Method and apparatus for determining operating mode of device in wireless communication system
27 9,408,168 Method and apparatus for transmitting synchronization signal in carrier aggregation system
28 9,408,159 Method and apparatus for performing transmit (Tx) power control in convergence network of plural communication systems
29 9,408,127 Method for re-selecting cell in wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor
30 9,408,096 Method and wireless device for monitoring control channel
31 9,408,082 Method for acquiring resources in a coexistence system, and apparatus using same
32 9,407,951 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
33 9,407,943 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
34 9,407,930 Method and apparatus for processing a video signal
35 9,407,929 Method and apparatus for processing video signal
36 9,407,908 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
37 9,407,899 Method for transforming frame format and apparatus using same method
38 9,407,859 Method for reproducing moving picture and mobile terminal using this method
39 9,407,803 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
40 9,407,419 Method for user equipment transreceiving signal in wireless communication system
41 9,407,416 Method and device for executing HARQ in TDD-based wireless communication system
42 9,407,408 Method and apparatus for bit mapping for downlink control channel in wireless communication system
43 9,407,405 Method of receiving downlink data and wireless device using the method
44 9,407,403 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink data
45 9,407,393 Method for receiving downlink data and wireless device using same
46 9,407,390 Retransmission method for dynamic subframe setting in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
47 9,407,345 Efficient feedback transmission method in multi-antenna wireless communication system and device for same
48 9,407,344 Method for transmitting a downlink signal in a base station cooperative wireless communication system and an apparatus for same
49 9,407,330 Mobile terminal, home appliance and method for operating the same
50 9,407,114 Network system and control method thereof
51 9,407,096 Power control apparatus and power control method for securing reserve power against power failure
52 9,406,656 Display device using semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
53 9,405,455 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
54 9,405,437 Terminal and method of controlling the same
55 9,405,428 Mobile terminal and multitasking method thereof
56 9,405,361 Flexible portable device
57 9,405,325 Portable terminal
58 9,405,280 Network system
59 9,405,128 Eyeglasses
60 9,404,661 Electric oven and method for servicing same
61 9,404,209 Laundry machine
62 9,403,351 Film laminating apparatus and method for a flat or curved plate member
63 9,402,528 Dish washer having a heat exchange passage