LG Electronics patents granted on 02 December 2014

39 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,270 Method for transmitting uplink signals
2 8,904,429 Electronic device and method for information about service provider
3 8,904,303 Terminal and method for using the internet
4 8,904,291 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
5 8,904,218 Portable device and method for providing voice recognition service
6 8,903,979 Electronic device and operating method of the same
7 8,903,930 Group-based M2M communication method
8 8,903,635 Providing and using of information on video related to traffic situation
9 8,903,590 Robot cleaner and method for controlling the same
10 8,903,462 Folder type mobile telephone and operating method thereof
11 8,903,459 Connecting terminal for a battery of a mobile terminal
12 8,903,456 Wireless charging method and apparatus
13 8,903,455 Apparatus for transceiving a signal in a distributed antenna system
14 8,903,441 Group resource allocation method and device in wireless access system
15 8,903,328 Method and apparatus for performing efficient feedback in wireless communication system supporting multiple antenna
16 8,903,006 Method and device for efficient feedback in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas
17 8,902,990 Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
18 8,902,984 Method for predicting a bi-predictive block of a moving picture
19 8,902,983 Method for predicting a bi-predictive block of a moving picture
20 8,902,978 Enhanced intra prediction mode signaling
21 8,902,935 Synchronization acquisition method and apparatus in multi-carrier system
22 8,902,876 Method of transmitting sounding reference signal
23 8,902,849 Method and apparatus for transmitting a reference signal in a multi-antenna system
24 8,902,844 Method and device for allocating wireless resources for a machine type communication device in a wireless communication system
25 8,902,802 Terminal device for receiving signal in wireless communication system for supporting a plurality of component carriers and method thereof
26 8,902,768 Apparatus and method of reporting measurement result in wireless communication system
27 8,902,571 Display device
28 8,902,499 Display module and mobile terminal having the same
29 8,902,287 3D caption signal transmission method and 3D caption display method
30 8,902,223 Device and method for displaying a three-dimensional image
31 8,902,178 Touch panel and mobile terminal including the same
32 8,902,169 Touch screen device and character input method therein
33 8,901,462 Heating unit and method of manufacturing the same
34 8,899,947 Compressor
35 8,899,810 Liquid micro-shutter display device
36 8,899,382 Oil valve assembly of linear compressor
37 8,899,068 Refrigerator comprising vacuum space
38 8,899,065 Refrigerator with ice maker controlled by installation of ice storage bin
39 8,899,064 Refrigerator