LG Electronics patents granted on 02 February 2016

46 US patents granted on 02 February 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D748,671 Display panel with transitional graphical user interface
2 D748,670 Display panel with transitional graphical user interface
3 D748,669 Display panel with transitional graphical user interface
4 D748,657 Multimedia terminal with transitional graphical user interface
5 9,253,801 Maintaining communication between mobile terminal and network in mobile communication system
6 9,253,791 Method and apparatus of reference signal dropping
7 9,253,781 Scheduling in consideration of terminal groups in a mobile communication system
8 9,253,774 Scheduling method in a short distance wireless personal area network
9 9,253,770 Method for allocating a control channel and apparatus therefor
10 9,253,766 Method for setting subframe in wireless communication system
11 9,253,764 Method and apparatus of transmitting ACK/NACK
12 9,253,717 Method and terminal for selecting AP
13 9,253,715 Method and apparatus for detecting an access point in a radio access system
14 9,253,699 Method and apparatus for controlling and supporting a dynamic cell on/off in wireless access system
15 9,253,679 Method for logging measurement result in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
16 9,253,676 Apparatus and method of reporting measurement result in wireless communication system
17 9,253,671 Method for logging and reporting heterogeneous network information in wireless communication system and device for supporting same
18 9,253,646 Method and apparatus for dynamic station enablement procedure in a wireless local area network system
19 9,253,627 Method of measurement over multiple downlink carriers and apparatus therefor
20 9,253,598 Method for measuring location of terminal in wireless network and device therefor
21 9,253,546 Method for receiving a broadcast signal
22 9,253,529 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
23 9,253,489 Image information encoding and decoding method
24 9,253,469 Method for displaying 3D caption and 3D display apparatus for implementing the same
25 9,253,465 Method of displaying recorded material and display device using the same
26 9,253,397 Array camera, mobile terminal, and methods for operating the same
27 9,253,372 Video display device and control method thereof
28 9,253,006 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
29 9,253,000 Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
30 9,252,867 Method for transmitting an uplink signal and feedback information, and relay apparatus using the method
31 9,252,852 Method for transmitting feedback by using codebook in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
32 9,252,668 Switching mode power supply apparatus
33 9,252,599 Method for controlling energy management system
34 9,252,346 Semiconductor device having electrode interconnections within a conductive adhesive
35 9,252,220 Nitride semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
36 9,250,927 Digital receiver and method for controlling the same
37 9,250,727 Mobile terminal and method for fabricating the same
38 9,250,707 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
39 9,250,701 Flexible portable device
40 9,250,442 Head mounted display device including multiple user interface formats and method of controlling therefor
41 9,250,016 Clothes treating apparatus with detecting device for insertion of filter
42 9,250,008 Refrigerator and rail assembly for the same
43 9,250,003 Robot refrigerator and system having the same
44 9,249,535 Washing machine and washing method
45 9,249,534 Laundry treating apparatus and method
46 9,249,038 Water purifier