LG Electronics patents granted on 02 July 2013

23 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 8,479,123 Accessing features provided by a mobile terminal
2 8,479,073 Method of transmitting and receiving ARQ feedback information
3 8,478,366 Mobile terminal
4 8,478,362 Method and apparatus for supporting a sleep mode action of a mobile station in a wireless mobile communication system
5 8,478,351 Mobile terminal having touch input device
6 8,478,349 Method for executing menu in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
7 8,478,347 Mobile terminal and camera image control method thereof
8 8,478,268 Method of communicating data in a wireless mobile communication system
9 8,478,257 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
10 8,478,200 Method of transmitting measurement report in wireless communication system
11 8,477,868 Method and apparatus of transmitting information in wireless communication system
12 8,477,867 Method and apparatus for cooperative MIMO transmission operation in multicell wireless network
13 8,477,707 Point to point radio bearers for a broadcasting service
14 8,477,701 Method of allocating resource in wireless communication system
15 8,477,698 Method for selecting RACH freamble sequence for high-speed mode and low-speed mode
16 8,477,676 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
17 8,477,634 Method for detecting failures of random access procedures
18 8,477,633 Method and apparatus for wireless resource allocation for relay in wireless communication system
19 8,477,112 Mobile communication terminal and method of selecting menu and item
20 8,476,858 Refrigerator and method for controlling same
21 8,474,727 Air conditioner and method for controlling the same
22 8,474,283 Refrigerator
23 8,474,092 Vacuum cleaner