LG Electronics patents granted on 02 June 2015

73 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D731,132 Washing machine
2 D731,131 Washing machine
3 D731,129 Washing machine
4 D731,128 Washing machine
5 D731,127 Washing machine
6 D731,126 Washing machine
7 D730,958 Door for refrigerator
8 D730,957 Drawer for refrigerator
9 D730,956 Refrigerator door
10 D730,955 Refrigerator
11 D730,954 Drawer for refrigerator
12 D730,943 Blu-ray disk player
13 D730,933 Display of mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
14 D730,929 Television with graphical user interface
15 D730,928 Television with graphical user interface
16 D730,927 Television with graphical user interface
17 D730,926 Television with graphical user interface
18 D730,917 Television with graphical user interface
19 D730,885 Cellular phone
20 D730,884 Cellular phone
21 D730,882 Cellular phone
22 D730,881 Cellular phone
23 D730,867 Wireless headset
24 D730,862 Mobile phone
25 D730,861 Mobile phone
26 D730,860 Mobile phone
27 D730,858 Television receiver
28 D730,857 Television receiver
29 D730,856 Television receiver
30 D730,855 Television receiver
31 D730,749 Packaging box for small-sized electronic device
32 9,049,781 Display apparatus
33 9,049,748 Method and device for transmitting and receiving data in radio access system that supports multi-radio access technology
34 9,049,739 Apparatus for transmitting a signal using scheduling information in a mobile communication system and method for same
35 9,049,729 Random access channel preamble selection
36 9,049,728 Random access scheme for user equipment
37 9,049,720 Method and apparatus for simultaneously performing frequency resource sensing and data transmission in a wireless communication system
38 9,049,710 Method for transmitting downlink control channel in a mobile communications system and a method for mapping the control channel to physical resource using block interleaver in a mobile communications system
39 9,049,704 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
40 9,049,686 Method and apparatus for acquiring available channel information in a wireless local area network system
41 9,049,682 Method and apparatus for idle mode operation for M2M communication
42 9,049,655 Method of performing uplink synchronization in wireless communication system
43 9,049,643 Method and device for transmitting/receiving data in wireless access system supporting multi-radio access technology
44 9,049,636 Apparatus and method of transmitting and receiving data in soft handoff of a wireless communication system
45 9,049,619 Apparatus and method of reporting power headroom in wireless communication system
46 9,049,610 Method and apparatus for operating a timer for processing data blocks
47 9,049,600 Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
48 9,049,536 Method for allocating resources in broadband wireless access system
49 9,049,490 Image display apparatus and control method thereof
50 9,049,489 Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
51 9,049,476 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
52 9,049,475 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
53 9,049,430 Broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method thereof
54 9,049,409 Mobile terminal
55 9,049,360 Mobile terminal and control method of mobile terminal
56 9,049,279 Mobile terminal
57 9,049,263 Method and terminal for establishing PT session in order to use PT box
58 9,049,165 Method for delivering message based on CPM service and server thereof
59 9,049,018 Method of an uplink HARQ operation at an expiry of time alignment timer
60 9,048,992 Transmitting spread signal in communication system
61 9,048,976 Apparatus and method for transmitting reference signals in wireless communication system
62 9,048,924 Relay station in radio communication system and operating method for the relay station
63 9,048,904 Method and apparatus for efficient feedback in a wireless communication system supporting multiple antenna
64 9,048,885 Method of transmitting control information in coordinated multi-point (COMP) system by a base station and receiving downlink data via a best downlink channel cell by a mobile station
65 9,047,806 Display device and method of adjusting viewing angle thereof
66 9,047,797 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
67 9,047,711 Mobile terminal and 3D image control method thereof
68 9,046,918 Portable device and method for controlling the same
69 9,046,301 Refrigerator condensate drain pipe with end cap for facilitating opening of refrigerator door
70 9,046,294 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
71 9,045,853 Laundry treating apparatus
72 9,045,850 Controlling method of laundry device
73 9,044,134 Dishwasher