LG Electronics patents granted on 02 March 2010

30 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D611,061 Blu-Ray player
2 D610,863 Gas oven range
3 7,673,212 Power control device and method for satellite DMB receiver
4 7,673,097 Recording medium with overlapping segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
5 7,672,744 Method and an apparatus for decoding an audio signal
6 7,672,697 Mobile terminal having a double rotation structure
7 7,672,696 Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
8 7,672,660 Method of performing actions related to handover by a mobile station that is in power saving mode in a wireless mobile communication system
9 7,672,644 Method and apparatus for overhead reduction of signaling messages
10 7,672,567 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of multiple reproduction path video data for at least a segment of a title recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
11 7,672,566 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of still pictures recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
12 7,672,379 Audio signal processing, encoding, and decoding
13 7,672,339 Method of resolving overlaps in data transmission and user equipment therefor
14 7,672,287 Method for transmitting signal of medium access control sublayer in mobile communication system
15 7,672,280 Broadcast/multicast service method based on user location information
16 7,672,261 Communicating data block in wireless communication system
17 7,672,208 Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/playback management information on/from optical disc
18 7,672,207 Recording medium, method and apparatus for recording data in the recording medium having a test area for an optimum power control
19 7,672,204 Optical disc, method and apparatus for managing a defective area on an optical disc
20 7,671,841 Portable terminal with position-variable display and method
21 7,671,824 Plasma display and driving method thereof
22 7,671,766 Method and apparatus for signal processing and encoding and decoding method, and apparatus therefor
23 7,671,310 Microwave range having hood
24 7,670,414 Filter unit of air conditioner
25 7,670,018 Illumination device for refrigerator and method of controlling the same
26 7,669,944 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
27 7,669,812 Stand for display device
28 7,669,433 Multi-air conditioner central control system
29 7,669,350 Drying method of laundry room machine and dryer therefor
30 7,669,282 Vacuum cleaner