LG Electronics patents granted on 02 November 2010

35 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE41,910 Method of determining a pixel value using a weighted average operation
2 RE41,909 Method of determining a pixel value
3 RE41,907 Method of decoding a current image
4 D626,548 Laptop computer
5 D626,535 Remote control
6 D626,534 Remote control
7 D626,526 Mobile phone
8 7,827,577 Apparatus and method for providing and obtaining product information through a broadcast signal
9 7,827,466 Rate matching method in mobile communication system
10 7,826,967 Matching camera-photographed image with map data in portable terminal and travel route guidance method
11 7,826,859 Method for processing paging information in a wireless mobile communication system
12 7,826,855 Data transmission method and data retransmission method
13 7,826,806 Mobile terminal
14 7,826,793 Digital broadcast system and method for a mobile terminal
15 7,826,720 Recording medium having data structure for managing recording and reproduction of multiple path data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatus
16 7,826,715 Method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
17 7,826,573 Method of identifying a space-time encoded signal in a wireless communication system
18 7,826,548 Resource management in a wireless communication network
19 7,826,524 Channel equalizer and method of processing broadcast signal in receiving system
20 7,826,498 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
21 7,826,439 Method of transmitting feedback information using an extended subheader
22 7,826,368 Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
23 7,826,320 Method and apparatus for recording or reproducing on or from optical medium using SBM information
24 7,826,057 Electro-optic modulator assembly for contactless test of flat panel display, method for contactless test of flat panel display using the same, method for manufacturing flat panel display using the method for contactless test of flat panel display, and related technologies
25 7,825,994 Digital television transmitter and method of coding data in digital television transmitter
26 7,825,910 Touchpad including non-overlapping sensors
27 7,825,907 Touch key assembly for a mobile terminal
28 7,825,825 Terminal and computer program product for receiving traffic information, method of providing signal light information, and method of guiding signal
29 7,825,818 Broadcast receiver and method of controlling the same
30 7,825,593 Organic electro-luminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
31 7,825,560 Motor
32 7,825,358 Cooking apparatus having rear component space
33 7,823,755 Refrigerator and duct cap assembly therefor
34 7,823,408 Icemaker in refrigerator
35 7,823,397 System and method for detecting clogged state of pipe of heat pump type multi-air conditioner